How to Connect a Mouse and Keyboard to an iPad?

How to Connect a Mouse and Keyboard to an iPad? At some point, it may be necessary to transform the iPad from a content-consuming device into a content-creating device. Someone starts to process videos and someone photos, and someone like me needs to write texts.

The virtual keyboard for such actions is not a very convenient tool. There are a lot of typos, and sometimes autocorrect fixes a lot worse than it originally did. For such a situation, it is better to use a physical keyboard.

Not everyone needs to connect a keyboard, but it’s nice that it can be done with a click.

How to Connect a Mouse and Keyboard to an iPad?

In this case, only it is better that it is not limited, but connects a mouse to the tablet. Fortunately, this functionality is provided by the operating system. With it, text navigation, selection, and copy-and-paste operations are much more convenient. Let’s find out how to connect the mouse and keyboard to the iPad and whether are there any restrictions on their use of the software.

Keyboard for iPad – Which one to choose

Magic Keyboard for iPad replaces three accessories at once, but the price is very high.

Using a keyboard with a tablet You won’t surprise anyone for a long time. The easiest way to get a similar input tool on your iPad is to buy a branded case with a built-in keyboard. 

In one device you will receive both a cover and a keyboard. No additional parameters are required to connect.

Everything will work, as they say, “out of the box”. It will just be enough to attach it to a special connector at the end of the iPad.

If you own iPad Pro or Air, then in addition to the above keyboards, you have the option of purchasing another option. Magic Keyboard for iPad combines a case, keyboard and trackpad in one. In one device you get three different things at once. Just like with a smart keyboard no additional configuration is required.

One of the coolest magic keyboard chips is that the tablet is installed on the table in the same way as a laptop. No extra legs need to be extended. The cover has a very high-quality counterweight system. But the price of such a decision is certainly refreshing.

How to connect the keyboard to the iPad?

The included keyboard appears in the “Other devices” section along with all the gadgets available for connection.

These are two of the simplest but most expensive ways to get a physical exam. keyboards on iPad. Fortunately, you can connect a regular Bluetooth keyboard from a computer to a tablet and use it.

We use as a test wireless magic keyboard the very first generation that came with the 2011 iMac. Similar actions can be performed for any wireless keyboard.

Some keyboard models may require you to enter a code on the screen.

  • If the keyboard has been connected to a device, you must disconnect the connection and turn off its power.
  • Go to iPad settings.
  • Go to the Bluetooth section.
  • Turn on the keyboard and it will immediately appear in the “Other devices” section.
  • Click on the name and, if necessary, enter the code that appears on the screen.
  • Everything is ready to use.

All Keyboard shortcuts asset. Changing the language is done by pressing the “Fn” button. The only negative point that can be considered is that Caps Lock does not work. Everything else works fully, as on a regular computer. 

This in itself is cheaper than all of the options above. But you can use an even cheaper keyboard. Apple does not limit users to its products alone. So you can save a lot of money without buying brand-name transformer boxes.

Mouse for iPad – How to Connect?

As a mouse replacement, you can use the Magic Keyboard’s trackpad, but it won’t suit everyone due to its size.

If you need to use the keyboard with the iPad, then I advise you to also connect a mouse. Correcting mistakes in the middle of words is much more convenient with a cursor.

Selecting and formatting text with the mouse takes it to a whole new level. For experimental purposes, we use the owner apple mouse First-generation Magic Mouse from the same 2011 iMac bundle.

If the iPad can’t find the right mouse, make sure its previous connection has been disconnected.

  • If the mouse is connected to another device, you need to unpair and turn off the power.
  • Open Settings on the iPad and go to the Bluetooth section.
  • Turn on the mouse and it will appear under Other Devices.
  • Click on the name and, if necessary, confirm the creation of the pair.
  • A round cursor immediately appears on the screen.

You just have to accept the request to create a pair, you don’t have to enter anything.

The cursor speed on the screen is set to medium by default. Most users will find this very slow. To increase sensitivity:

  • Go to settings.
  • Go to the “Basic” section.
  • Open the Trackpad and mouse.

Optimal, in my opinion, the speed of cursor movement is in figure eight.

This is where you can increase the cursor movement speed and adjust the mouse’s right click.

As with the keyboard, any Bluetooth mouse can be used. The main downside is scrolling with the scroll wheel which doesn’t work on older Magic Mouse models. For new ones, such support is declared. Precisely can also be connected to the iPad and magic touchpad.

Furthermore, it should be noted that all standard Apple apps fully support the slider. But not all third-party apps are suitable. So “Google Docs” does not allow you to select text as we are used to by holding down the left mouse button.

You must double-click to select a word and stretch the selection boundaries in the desired direction. Therefore, before using any software, make sure that the developer has adapted it to the mouse.

With a mouse and keyboard typing on a tablet at the same speed as on a regular computer. Selecting and formatting text is no longer a chore, and inserting images by wrapping them in the right part of the text is one of the most practical functions.

Yes, that doesn’t make the iPad a computer, but it doesn’t need to be in my use case.