How To Clean iPhone Speaker?

Do you know How To Clean iPhone Speaker? If you often talk on the phone, you might have noticed how oily smudges appear at the top of the screen near the front camera and the earpiece. Sooner or later, all iPhone owners are faced with the fact that during a conversation it becomes worse to hear the interlocutor.

In this situation, the quality of communication does not affect this circumstance in any way. It’s time to clean the speaker. But doing this is not as easy as it seems at first glance.

In order not to bring to the service, all actions should be as accurate as possible.

Let’s see how we can clean the speaker, and at the same time multimedia, which is located at the bottom of the device. After all, slipping a smartphone into the pockets of pants and bags does not go unnoticed.

How To Clean iPhone Speaker?

How To Clean iPhone Speaker

You can also use a cotton swab for cleaning.

The most important thing to remember when pursuing actions is that everything should be done as carefully as possible, without using brute physical force. Both iPhone speakers are covered with metal mesh so that debris and various dirt does not fall on the speaker itself. If you start to prick it indiscriminately with a needle or other hard, sharp object, you can immediately go to a service center to replace the grille and the speaker itself. Therefore, before proceeding, think carefully whether you are ready to do everything as carefully as possible.

By the way, if there is some concern for the integrity of the structure after the manipulations, you can immediately contact the service center for speaker cleaning service. This is guaranteed to save you some nerves, but will use some money.

Apple’s website has recommendations for cleaning the speaker. We will use them, but we will slightly improve our personal experience, which has been used several times without negative consequences.

For speaker cleaning proceed as follows:

  • Take a small, soft-bristled brush. Even a baby toothbrush will do. The main thing is that it is soft.
  • Place the iPhone on the side face of the table.
  • With gentle up and down movements, without pressing the speaker, start cleaning the dirt. You can still blow it though. Above all, do not use compressed air in the cylinders. It can just blow out all the dirt inside the speaker.
  • Do this several times.
  • After the last attempt, take a special sealant for cleaning watch movements, which can be purchased for a symbolic 130 rubles, and gently press against the speaker to glue all remaining debris.

Most likely, these actions will be enough and the volume will return to its previous level. Perfect clear speaker even in this way it will be very difficult. But nevertheless, most of the lost volume will be restored. Do not use alcohol solutions or wet wiping swabs. It can only make things worse.

How to Clean the Bottom Speaker on iPhone

How To Clean iPhone Speaker

Here’s what the speaker looks like before and after cleaning.

With the cleaning of the multimedia speaker, the situation is a little more complicated. If the conversational is located almost on the surface, the multimedia is in small round holes at the lower end. It’s just that you can’t get close to it with a paintbrush because of recess.

To clean the media speaker proceed as follows:

  • Put your smartphone on a long line.
  • Use a watch cleaning putty to remove any debris that has accumulated in the holes.
  • Using a soft-bristle brush, gently go through each hole so as not to crush the speaker mesh. You can also try blowing dirt.
  • Use the putty again to remove any debris you mixed in with the brush.

Then check the volume. As you can see, with a multimedia speaker everything is much more complicated. I additionally use a small needle, but I will not advise you to do so. With many years of experience, I know exactly how hard to press the mesh and how to use the needle so as not to damage the mesh.

An inexperienced person can stick a needle in the speaker on the first move, which we don’t need at all. But keep in mind that the speakers start to sound worse over time anyway. It’s just natural wear and tear. In such a situation, cleaning is not enough. Only replacement will help.

How to clean the charging connector – iPhone?

Even a toothpick is very good for cleaning the connector.

Well, since you always clean your smartphone, I advise you clean the charging port. Nest Flash has the property, like a magnet, of attracting various coils and other fabrics from pants, to the point that at some point it may not be possible to insert the magazine all the way. In this situation, you can already safely pick up a needle. To clean the charging slot on your iPhone, you need:

  • Place the iPhone on the long side edge.
  • From the edge of the charging socket, insert the needle into it effortlessly.
  • Pick up the debris with the tip of the needle and pull it out.

At one point, while I still owned an iPhone X, I was constantly using wireless charging and had no idea what was going on in my charging port. At that moment, when I needed to charge my smartphone from the wire, my surprise knew no bounds. It’s good that in just a few seconds it was possible to erase it in this way.

As everyone knows, soon Apple to have to switch to USB-C ports. But it is not so easy to remove the waste from it because of the connector right in the middle of the connector. In general, keep your smartphones clean and be careful when trying to clean them. Otherwise, the path will be directly to the service center.