How to Choose the Best Budget WordPress Hosting Providers?

Are you looking for the Best Budget WordPress Hosting for your website, blog, or online store, and do you need to know which one to choose? Do you pay a lot for your current Hosting? Thinking of changing Hosting? Still need to decide which is WordPress hosting to choose?

In this article, you will discover it with discounts, comparisons by country, spaces, speed, backup copies, support, free, cheap, the best, and much more. But as always, I recommend that you compare and check for yourself everything I tell you.

I will help you in the process by showing you the Best Budget WordPress Hosting on the market so you can decide which is the best for you.

And it is that if you are thinking of starting an online business, you should always start by buying your domain name and choosing a hosting with professional and paid WordPress, or else you will regret it you will not see results. You will throw in the towel for starting to do things wrong. 

And if you want to go straight to the point where I leave you a summary of the Best Website Hosting For WordPress :

What does good Hosting have to have?

Good professional Hosting will allow you to grow your blog, website, or online store.

It must have 24-hour technical support with a quick response of less than 30 minutes, offer daily backup copies, the latest technology such as PHP7 to increase the loading speed of your website, and everything you need to focus exclusively on your project and forget about issues. 

Only think about buying free Hosting if you’re trying to do something professional. Remember that you will invest a lot of time; therefore, if you want to grow your web project, you must invest in good Hosting. It is the most important thing.

In summary, good Hosting must have the following:

1. Specialized technical support. 

2. Daily backups.

3. fair space.

4. References and opinions of real clients.

5. Affiliate system.

6. Servers optimized for WordPress.

7. Latest technology. Php7. SSL. CPanel…

8. High level of security with access restriction by country.

9. High quality of service with server drops of less than 1%.

10. Easy to use.

11. Migration included redirects and SEO. (Remember that on many occasions, it is better not to migrate)

12. Competitive price. With some promotion and money back guarantee.

The best Professional WordPress Hosting

There are many Hosting companies specializing in different products.

Depending on your needs, one hosting company or another will be better for you.

For example, contracting to host with a dedicated server will be necessary only if you already have hundreds of thousands of daily visits.

If this is not the case, shared hosting in any of the hosting companies I recommend below is more than enough.

Hostinger : If you need several websites and unlimited bandwidth at the best price with the best support.

Hostinger is undoubtedly the best hosting option today if you are thinking of creating a personal brand website for your business or even websites with a lot of traffic, for example, several Amazon affiliate stores. It offers incredible prices and the best support I’ve seen, as you can see on Trustpilot.
The Premium hosting that is the one I recommend offers:

Up to 10 websites
10+ GB of SSD Storage
Up to 100 emails
unlimited bandwidth
2X Assigned Resources
Free SSL Certificate
LiteSpeed ​​Cache
WordPress Acceleration (LSCWP)
Integration with GitHub
Support 24/7/365
Uptime 99.9% guaranteed
DNS manager
access manager
Unlimited MySQL databases
50+ Subdomains
Unlimited FTP accounts
unlimited cronjobs
Free Domain
SSH access
Weekly backups
Without a doubt, the best option, at the best price (including renewals), with the best technical support, resources, and speed.

Bluehost: With a high hard drive capacity, Bluehost ranks at the TOP of WordPress hosting companies.

In some of its plans, it also offers coupons to carry out advertising campaigns on Google and Facebook Ads.

Highlight the free domain and unlimited websites in your advanced plan. Your disk space starts at 50Gb, and the most advanced ones have unlimited space. They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 50% discount for the first payment.

If you have a project about photography, videos, or something that will occupy a lot, Bluehost is your hosting.

Free WordPress Hosting

For those who are looking for free WordPress Hosting, forget it. This post is not for you. Here I am talking about hostings that work well for people who value their project and time.

Free hosting means your project will fail, and you will lose hundreds of hours. The website will be slow; it will crash, it will cause problems, you will have poor support, they do not allow multi-domains, and it will be more difficult to do SEO. You will have security problems; you will not have backup copies created by the hosting, and you will have a bad image.

Don’t make that mistake.

I will also provide you with offers, coupons, and discounts so that you can save as much as possible by hiring an excellent service.

Remember that the domain will never be free, and you will have to buy the domain from these ” free hostings ” that will charge you more for the domain. The best prices are in Namecheap, which allows you to save more than 50%.

Also, remember that with a single hosting that allows it, you can create several websites using different domains and thus save a lot of money.

Even so, here you have a list of free hostings for projects of little importance or tests:

1. 000webhost: It is easy to use, and they do not ask for almost any data. You can install WordPress with one click. Remember that the password must contain some special character to let you install WordPress. It belongs to Hostinger. The confirmation may arrive in your spam folder. It is the best free hosting option since it allows you to set up a WordPress without buying a domain.

2. Runhosting: Contracting a domain with them is not necessary. They ask for a lot of registration data. They send you an email with the server’s addresses to add it to your domain, which facilitates the work. With the “Zacky App Installer,” you can install WordPress with one click, but you need a domain.

3. Batcave: Same operation as Runhosting.

4. Awardspace: Same operation as Runhosting

5. x10hosting: It works like, which allows you to create a subdomain of yours like with WordPress for free but with limitations.

6. Free hosting: You need to hire a domain that does not have to be with them before getting free hosting. They ask for a lot of data.

7. LucusHost: You have to buy the domain with them, which is more expensive than normal.

8. DinahostingThey no longer offer free hosting but have a free trial hosting option.

9. Hostalia: They offer free months but charge you for registration, which seems like a hoax to me.

10. CDMon: They offer free hosting for tests for 30 days with which to set up a WordPress. They ask for a lot of data. 

Cheap is expensive.


Choosing any hosting will allow you to install WordPress with one click. If you are using another Hosting company, ask a professional or comment below your case in case you need to change to another hosting.

On many occasions, switching to one of these companies will allow you to SEO and improve the user experience.

PS: You can find all the SEO Blog here.

If you want to continue learning about creating online projects based on a blog, I recommend you read the post « how to start a blog,» in which I clarify many other things.

If you still have doubts about hostingHostinger is the best option.

Its technical support, its functionalities, its security, and the speed of its servers will allow you not to worry about the technical part or many other things. 

It is more expensive, but it is worth it if you create a serious project.

Advice: If you have several websites with which you generate income, you should have them in different hostings. (If one goes down, you can always continue generating income with the other)

Did you already know these hostings? Do you use any of them? How have they worked for you? Do you have any projects in mind?