Why and How to Change Your iPhone Name

How to Change Your iPhone Name? It is recommended to change the name of your iPhone and iPad and these are some of the reasons.

Few people know but every iPhone has a name that we can change. However, this name could be public and anyone searching via Bluetooth, AirDrop or even a personal hotspot could know your name.

There’s no reason to share your data with strangers, so **the best thing you can do is change the name of your iPhone or iPad** in a few simple steps. Plus, there are other reasons to do it, not just privacy.

How to Change Your iPhone Name?

Changing the name of an iPhone or iPad is not only good for privacy if you have multiple Apple devices, but it is also good to identify them easily. But there are more reasons for these all:

  • Protect your privacy. If you’ve never changed the name of your iPhone or iPad, it’s probably called “iPhone [modelo] of [tu nombre]. So you share your name with many other devices that can find you. Even if, for example, you connect to a free Wi-Fi network, they could detect who you are thanks to the name of your iPhone.
  • Manage your devices. If you have multiple devices in the Apple ecosystem, giving each a specific name can be very useful when managing iCloud storage, sending files via AirDrop, or locating them from the Find My app. If they all have a similar name, it can be chaos.
  • Better locate backups. If all your devices use the same iCloud account or the same computer for backup, it can be quite difficult to find them if they all have the same name. Remember that the copies are saved with the device name.
  • Because it’s fun. Admit it, a different name is more fun than the one everyone else has. Now is a good time to let your imagination run wild with different names for your devices.

Here are some of the reasons to change the name of your iPhone

How to Change the Name of Your iPhone or iPad?

I’m sure I’ve already convinced you to change the name of your iPhone or iPad. If so, here are the steps to do so.

  • On your iPhone or iPad, go to the Settings app.
  • Find the General section and enter it.
  • At the top there is another section called Information, you need to click there.
  • The first thing that appears is Name, when you tap on it the keyboard appears and you can change it to your liking.

The ultimate trick: unlock your iPhone with your voiceNow you need to choose a good name for each device, on the iPad and Apple Watch, this is done the same way. Remember to be original, you never know who might be spying on you.