How to change the language on Netflix?

Were you about to watch your favorite show on Netflix, but your entire account is in another language? Or are the audio and subtitle settings also in another language?

Well, it is very easy to change Netflix language . Let’s see why this happens and how to change Netflix language settings on all platforms.

Why did my Netflix language change?

This can happen for several potential reasons. Another user in your account may have changed the settings OR the audio settings are in a different default language .

How to change language settings on Netflix?

Change your account language settings and the language of your programs is different. To change your account language, also known as the display language, you will need to use a browser.

Here’s how you can change the Netflix language on all platforms:

  • On, select Manage Profiles > choose the desired user profile > select your preferred language > Save > Done.
  • During a show, Select options (dialog box with writing inside) > choose a language > resume the program.

This article explains how to change the language on Netflix via the Netflix Website page. Unable to change Netflix language on mobile devices.

How to Change the Default Language on Netflix

If you open Netflix only to find that everyone on the screen is speaking a language you don’t understand, you’ll need to change your primary language. To fix this problem, go to settings and Fix it from your profile on Netflix website.

Although frustrating, fixing the language associated with your Netflix profile requires a login to the website. If you try to do this from a phone or tablet, the option to choose another language does not appear.

  1. Choose Manage Profiles on If you don’t see this option, select your profile picture in the top right of Netflix to find it in the menu.
  2. Select the user profile you want to edit.
  3. Select your preferred language from the drop-down menu.
  4. Select Save and then Done.

Change language or add subtitles by program

Netflix is ​​always adding new foreign movies and TV shows, and you might find a show that looks amazing but isn’t in a language you understand. If this happens, you have two basic options. You can check if it is available in your language or search Subtitle.

How to change the language on Netflix
  1. Many programs do not include options for multiple languages, which depends on who produced and created it. Also, not all programs have access to subtitles, and in some cases the subtitles may not be great. Normally you will be able to find subtitles or multiple language options, but this is not a guarantee.
    1. Open the Program what do you want to see.
    2. Select the options (represented as a dialog with writing inside).
    3. Choose the alternate language or subtitles you want to hear.
    4. resume your Program.

    How to change Netflix language on Iphone and Android?

    The same method as above applies to change Netflix language on mobile. It’s best to note that you can only perform this action in your web browser and not directly in the app.

    1. Go to the Netflix website in Chrome or Safari and sign in.
    2. Touch your Profile icon .
    3. Go to account settings .
    4. Scroll to find your profile and select it. Now click on Language.

    How to change the language on Netflix

  2. Choose a language you prefer and tap save .
    how to change the language on your netflix account
  1. How do I change the language of shows and movies on Netflix?

    You can easily change the language of all shows on Netflix at once from a browser on your phone or PC.

    1. Open Netflix in your browser. In the left panel, tap Account .
    2. Then go to the Profile and parental controls section which is at the bottom of the page. Select Profile . Then click language .
    3. Exactly below the Show Language section has the Show & Movie Languages ​​section . Here you can see the list of available languages. Choose the one you prefer and choose save .

    how do i change the language to english on netflix

  1. It’s best to note that you can’t change these settings directly from the Netflix app on your phone.

    How do I change the Netflix language on my TV?

    If you usually watch Netflix on your TV, you can always easily change the language directly from your TV. However, it is better to note that the settings may differ depending on the model and brand of the TV.

    To change the Netflix language on a TV, you will need to follow the same method explained above in a browser from a different device. Since the changes will be synced, you will be able to enjoy Netflix in your preferred language after making the change.

    However, you can still easily change Netflix subtitles and audio settings on your TV.

    How to Change Netflix Language on Roku Tv?

    1. Open Netflix on your Roku TV.
    2. Select any show or movie.
    3. Below the description where you can see episode listings and more, click Audio & Subtitles .
    4. Now you can choose the Preferred subtitle language . In the Subtitles section, you can also choose the audio language .

    How to Change Netflix Language on Apple TV?

    1. Open Netflix on your TV and select a show.
    2. press the Up Button During playback.
    3. You can see the information of the shows. Click Select.
    4. Here you can choose a subtitle language of your choice.

    how to change the audio language on netflix

  1. How to Change Netflix Language on Samsung Smart Tv/Android Tv?

    1. Open Netflix on your TV.
    2. Play any movie or show.
    3. Press Up on your remote.
    4. Select the dialog box.
    5. Choose the language of the audio or subtitles you want.

    How to change Netflix language on Playstation (Ps4/Ps5)?

    Just like making changes to your TV, you cannot change the display language directly from your PlayStation. You will need to change your browser language settings on another device, such as your mobile or PC. However, you can still edit subtitles from your PlayStation.

    1. Open Netflix and play any movie or show.
    2. On your console, press the button below.
    3. Select the dialog box. Tap Confirm.
    4. Select the Subtitles and audio options .
    5. Choose a language of your choice.

    You can now return to your show and enjoy it in the language of your choice.

    How to change Netflix language on Xbox?

    1. Open Netflix on your Xbox.
    2. Play any video and press pause.
    3. Select subtitle and audio options.
    4. You can now choose the desired language.

    how to change the language back to english on netflix

Why does my Netflix language keep changing languages ​​even after changing it to English?

If your Netflix language setting keeps changing to something other than English, someone may have accidentally changed it. We recommend Lock your Netflix profile . You can also change your Netflix password for added security.

Additionally, you can also kick that user out of using your ID.

How do I change language settings for a single profile on Netflix?

To change the settings for a specific profile, you can choose your preferred profile through the language settings.

How do I change the country on my Netflix?

Netflix does not allow you to change countries as it has geo-restrictions on its content. So if you’re traveling, you don’t need to make any changes because Netflix will do it for you. However, prices may vary depending on your location. See Traveling or Moving with Netflix for more details.

But, if your Netflix still shows another country or state, or you want to watch restricted content, you can use a VPN. can use free VPN apps or get premium apps like ExpressVPN, NordVPN or Surfshark for more services.

How to change region without using VPN?

If you are traveling and your Netflix still thinks you are in another region, the reason may be due to your IP address. You can try the following method without using a VPN.

You can enjoy restricted Netflix content using a DNS proxy. This is how you can do it.

  1. Obtain a DNS server address from your network service provider.
  2. Open network settings on your device.
  3. Select Custom and manual and add your DNS server address.
  4. Restart your Wi-Fi to enable DNS settings.
  5. Now open Netflix and navigate to the Netflix library in the region of your choice.

It is best to note that even though using a DNS proxy works, it can be easily detected and blocked by Netflix. A proxy server is also not very secure and will not encrypt your data.

How to filter Netflix movies by language?

Not everyone wants to watch movies or TV shows in just one language, and Netflix has been pushing for more non-English programming on its platform. If, for example, you’re looking for programming in a specific language like Spanish, Korean, or Hindi, Netflix has a search feature that lets you find shows in your preferred language. This means that you can find the foreign language movie you want to watch by performing the appropriate search.

For example, if you want to find the latest Korean drama, you can search Korean language drama. The important part of the search is to use the phrase “ X language”, i.e. “Spanish language”, “Korean language”, “German language”, etc. If you search without using “language”, you will not be limited to programming spoken in that language. language.ufeff

To filter Netflix movies by language, open Netflix in a web browser. Scroll down to find the options that say Audio and Subtitles. Click on it and you will be taken to a screen where you can see the Audio and English options.

how to change the language of a movie on netflix

In the language option, you can also choose other languages ​​than English. Now you have successfully changed the language of your selected movies.

Why can’t I get English subtitles on Netflix?

If your subtitles on Netflix are not in English, it could be due to several reasons, including your location, language settings or device.

Here are some ways to fix the subtitle error:

language settings

If your display language is in another language, that may be why your subtitles are not in English. You can refer to the above method to change the display language on Netflix.

update subtitles

You can update the subtitles by replacing them with the ones you prefer. Open subtitles on any video. Choose another language and exit the video. Try playing the video again and check the English subtitles.

Log out of Netflix

Errors like these can also be caused by temporary glitches or glitches. Therefore, logging out and logging back in can help fix your subtitles.