How to Change PS4 Privacy Settings?

The Sony console allows you to change the privacy of the PS4 through the video game system. The process is very simple and allows you to change, for example, who you can see their trophies, their activities, send messages, see what games you have in your library and more. Follow the step by step, then, and see how to do it.

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How to Change PS4 Privacy Settings?

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that some privacy menu changes are only available to adult accounts.

per console

  1. From the main PlayStation 4 system menu, go to settings;
  2. on the screen that opens, followed by account management;
  3. Now select the Privacy Settings option;
  4. Please login to continue.

via PlayStation app

  1. Tap to access your profile (wrist icon) in the lower right corner of the screen;
  2. you will see your player’s profile picture. Select Edit profile;
  3. a small window will open. In it, navigate to the privacy settings option.

What privacy options can be changed

For the PlayStation 4 system and the application, you will have the same possibilities to modify the privacy of the PS4. The available options are divided into three groups:

  • games | Media (Games | Media)
  • friends | Connections (Friends | Connections)
  • Personal information | Messages (Personal Information | Messages)

Games | MEDIA

Here you will manage which of your activities will be available and by whom. You can also choose who will see your trophies, who can see your games list, and which games to hide. In this option, also choose which friends will be able to see you play and/or know which songs they listen to on Spotify.

friends | Connections

In this option, you can choose who can see your friend list, as well as select who can send you new friend requests. Also change who can follow you, check your followers list and find out who is following.

If you want to compete, also change who can send team invites. Finally, choose friends who can see your real name and profile picture.

Personal information |

Choose here that you can find your real name and profile picture in search results. Also select who can see your real name and photo in your trusted friends friend list. This function also applies during games.

Also decide how your status appears on mobile devices. Finally, select who can send you text/voice and party invites.