How to Change Notification Sound in Telegram on iPhone?

How to Change Notification Sound in Telegram on iPhone? Our readers and I have long understood that Telegram is the best messenger on the market. There is not even anything to discuss, because no application of this kind, and is close to the brainchild of Paul Durov can not come close.

In the comments of our publications, you can often find messages like “There is no other not to use, the whole family transplanted to the carts”. This happens thanks to groundbreaking new features that appear here with enviable regularity.

No, really, updates are released almost every month, and the developers don’t just write “Bug fixes and improvements”, but work with a clear conscience and add a lot of cool stuff. More recently, Telegram has the ability to flexibly customize the sound of notifications, which I offer you to talk about today in a little more detail.

Talk about how to configure notification sounds in Telegram.

How to Change Notification Sound in Telegram on iPhone?

The first and most important new feature – is to set a custom sound for notifications. Now each of you can put any sound alert in the basket. This is done very simply:

  • Open Telegram on your iPhone.
  • Click on the Settings button at the bottom of the screen, and open the Notifications and sounds section.
  • Choose a group (private chats, groups, channels), and go to it.

Select a sound from those suggested, or click Upload Sound and add a melody from the Files app.

This is how you can set up the sound notification in the shopping cart in no time.

Why is it necessary? Well, now you can find out if you received a notification from the Alibaba Chest Telegram channel with an offer to buy a PowerBank for iPhone or if your wife invites you to dinner. You don’t even have to open a message to do that, cool!

The set can be virtually any song. Two restrictions here – the sound should not be longer than 5 seconds and weigh more than 300 KB. In principle, there is a trivial logic. You won’t because you put a track for 2 minutes in a notice, right?

It is clear that finding the right tone as the notification sound is not easy. It used to be that you downloaded ringtones and ringtones from the Internet, now it’s a time no longer! The Telegram team has created this foresaw a special channel where they post different melodies. Now they are not so much but soon will fire right.

And, of course, at the rendezvous once joined the indifferent users. Already now, if you mark in the search Sounds for notifications, you can find some interesting channels. Listen, write down, and take notes!

How to find out who writes on Telegram?

To find out who wrote to you in Telegram, you just need to set a separate notification sound for that user. Yes, except for sound installation in chats, groups and channels, you can choose sounds for individual people. I have already enjoyed this feature and put a distinct tune on my bosses’ messages and on my wife’s notifications. Now, just like Pavlov’s dog – I hear ringing, run run to the phone.

To set notification sound for specific users follow the simple instructions:

  • Open the Telegram chat you need on your iPhone.
  • Then tap the named party, click Sound, then Customize.
  • Select any sound from the System Sounds section or click Upload Audio to Sound Telegram.

Remember that the sound can be adjusted individually for each user.

How to put voice on Telegram notifications?

Well, the icing on the cake – a voice message on any notification in the shopping cart. Frankly, weakly I imagine who it might be needed, but the readers of our Telegram chat about this feature, we have long asked for it. Question – we say:

  • Open Telegram on your iPhone.
  • Then navigate to the chat where the voice you want is located.
  • Press and hold the message until the context menu.
  • In the context menu, click the Record Sound button.
  • After that, open the profile of the person you need, click “Sound” – “Settings” and select the saved melody in the Sounds section of Telegram.

If you want to put a voice on the notification – put it!

Audio Notification Settings – aren’t the only new feature carts. In addition to its seriously pumped developers, automatically delete messages, add animated emoji, work on bots, and more.

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