How to Change Lock Screen on iPhone in iOS 16?

How to Change Lock Screen on iPhone in iOS 16? With every big iOS update, Apple makes hundreds of changes to its system. Some are insignificant and invisible, but some change the principle of interaction with the device on the iOS 16 Presentations.

How to Change Lock Screen on iPhone in iOS 16

The company has introduced the ability to change the lock screen on the iPhone. If before the only thing you could do was set your favorite wallpaper, now you can use animations, change the font, add widgets, create multiple lock screens and customize each of them for a specific activity, for example, separately for sports, home or work. Let’s see how the new lock screen works and why it looks so much like the watch faces on the Apple Watch.

When customizing the lock screen, it became possible to put the clock in the background, adding volume to the screen.

How to Customize iPhone Lock Screen?

The Pride lock screen won’t be available in Russia, just like a similar watch face on the Apple Watch.

The new lock screen, which appeared in iOS 16, was inspired by the Apple Watch. The same ability to create multiple screens and switch between them, similar widgets, and even the same action to enter the editing interface clearly refers to watchOS. Indeed, such an interface has taken root on the watch very well, so let’s assume that iPhone users will welcome it warmly. Also, if both devices are used, you can learn a little.

The first thing you need to do to use the new lock screen is to make sure your iPhone has iOS 16 installed. Currently, the operating system exists only in the beta version, so you perform all actions at your own risk. Before installation, remember to create backup copies to avoid losing data.

Go to iOS 16 Lock Screen Settings necessary:

  • Unlock the iPhone;
  • Without going to the desktop, long press the screen to launch the settings;
  • The first thing that will catch your eye after performing these actions is the ability to switch between multiple lock screens with a simple swipe left or right;
  • More advanced users can even set up automation in the Teams app to change the lock screen based on the time of day or location;
  • To add a new screen in the editing interface, click the “+” in the lower right corner or scroll right and click the black lock screen with a plus in the middle;
  • After clicking on the “+,” you will be redirected to the gallery where you will first be asked to select a wallpaper;
  • As a choice, in addition to the standard static images are now animated with the weather or astronomical and Photo Shuffle, which changes the wallpaper each time you unlock it.

Animation with planets is very reminiscent of great wallpaper on Xiaomi smartphones. When the device is locked, the planet is displayed in the distance. When unlocked, it zooms in. When you select the weather as your wallpaper, the current weather conditions will be displayed in animated form, including thunderstorms, rain, or snow.

After choosing a background, you will be prompted to select a font for the clock and display widgets. The widgets are similar to those used on Apple Watch faces. Currently, they are only available in the standard “News,” “Home,” “Batteries,” “Clock,” “Fitness,” “Reminders,” “Stocks,” and “Weather” applications, but when third-party developers optimize their apps for iOS 16, it will be possible to add more.

Focus mode on iPhone

In addition to the wallpaper, you can change the font color in the full-color spectrum, making your iPhone as personal as possible.

One of the cool features of the lock screen in iOS 16 – is the possibility to link the desired focus mode to a specific lock screen. For example, you can set dark wallpapers at night to see the time if necessary, do not go blind from bright backlights, and activate sleep mode. You can create any convenient combination.

To create a lock screen with a specific focus, it is necessary:

  • Unlock the iPhone;
  • Without going to the desktop, long press the screen to launch the settings;
  • Tap the “Focus” button on the desired lock screen;
  • Select the required mode.

In terms of emerging customization opportunities, iOS is gradually approaching Android. It should be noted that Apple offers quite elegant solutions to its users, which have already been time-tested on other proprietary operating systems or have proven themselves in competitors. 

In any case, Cupertino has always been famous for remembering what other manufacturers could not do, and this time, it did very well. Whether it will be popular with users, time will tell.