How to Cancel an Apple Music Subscription

How to Cancel an Apple Music Subscription?

If you tried the Apple Music streaming service and you’ve decided it’s not for you, cancel your subscription during the three-month trial period or before the paid subscription renews. Because your subscription is tied to your Apple ID, canceling it in one location cancels it in all locations that use your Apple ID. Apple ID.

So regardless of the device you used to register, if you complete your subscription on the iPhone, you will also undo it in iTunes and on your iPad, and vice versa.

Apple continues to refine the Music app. In iOS 12, you can change your subscription in the app. In previous versions of iOS, the app offered a link that took you to a separate settings menu.

  1. Go to the section for you then tap your photo (or the icon with your initials).
  2. Hurry Manage subscription.
  3. in the list of choice, select another subscription, then tap Done. If you have a three-month trial, tap Cancel Free Trial.

What happens to Recorded Songs after Cancellation?

When using Apple Music, you may have saved songs for offline listening. In this case, save the songs to your iTunes or iOS music library so that you can listen to them without flow and use your monthly data plan.

However, you only have access to these songs as long as you maintain an active subscription. If you cancel your Apple Music plan, you won’t be able to listen to these recorded songs.

Note on Cancellation and Billing

After following the steps above, your subscription is canceled, however, your access to Apple Music does not end immediately at this point. As subscriptions are billed at the beginning of each month, you will have access to them until the end of the current month.

For example, if you cancel your subscription and 2nd of July, you can use the service until the end of July. August 1st, your subscription will end and you will no longer be collect. However, if you cancel a trial subscription, your access ends immediately.