How to Blur Someone’s Face in a Video?

How to Blur Someone’s Face in a Video? Removing elements from an image becomes easier with the offer of different tools. However, doing the same in a video requires a bit more attention to detail to get the best result.

Specifically, when it comes to blurring faces or texts in a video, hundreds of users have positioned an application that facilitates this process.

Blur-Video is a free watermark-free application that is an alternative to programs like Final Cut Pro or ScreenFlow that require the use of a computer. As its name suggests, its main function is to scramble elements of this type of format when it is required for different reasons such as preserving the identity of people who appear or confidential data such as phone numbers. identification, addresses, bank details, and license plates, among others.

How to Blur Someone’s Face in a Video?

The first thing to do is to download the Blur-Video application from the App Store. At this point you need to accept the following options: * Tap “Allow access” * Tap “Select photos”, if you want the app to show only specific videos, or “Allow access to all photos “.

Before starting to rasterize images or texts, it is necessary to go to the image quality settings, because after applying the change, it cannot be changed.* Tap the settings icon at the top to the left of the “Home” page.* Choose between low, medium, or high video quality and MP4 or MOV exports. The higher the quality, the larger the file size.

Once the above options are configured, we are ready to select the video to edit.

  • After closing the settings page, tap “Start” to display the video picker and choose a video from your list.
  • If you find the video you want, select “Edit your video selection”. Remember to record a video before using it because Blur-Video does not have a built-in camera.
  • Add the blur or pixelate effect by tapping “Add Blur” at the bottom, which displays a circular blur overlay on your video. To adjust its position, touch and hold the orange circle and move it where you want. To create multiple blurs, press the “Add Blur” button again.

If you want to change the blur or pixel intensity, use the “Strength” slider at the top. As with the type of blur, changing the intensity affects all blurs if you have more than one.

With Blur-Video it is also possible to modify other details like the shape of the blur. In this way, choose between a circular or square shape.

  • Press the “Rect” button on the toolbar to change to a square.
  • Drag the arrow button to change the shape of the blur from a circle to an ellipse or from a square to a rectangle.

To ensure that blurring does not occur outside of the scene where it is needed.

  • Press and hold the gray ends of the blur on the timeline.
  • Drag them inward or outward to shorten or lengthen the clip.
  • Hold down the entire blue clip until the gray ends disappear, then drag it up or down in the timeline so it’s in the right place.

Getting the effect to stay when objects move is a common situation when blurring videos. To make the result look neat, Blur-Video offers the keyframe tool for the rectangle or circle to follow.

  • Pause the video where the person is moving.
  • Press “Keyframe” and move the blur where it needs to go. The keyframe will be displayed as a diamond on the timeline. If you let the video play, you’ll see the blur move slowly to the position you chose.

The last step is just to save it.

  • Hit “Save” and Blur-Video will save the video as a new clip in your Photos app.
  • You can also share it directly after doing so using the “Share” button, which opens your iPhone’s share sheet to the usual share extensions.

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