How to Blur Part of a Photo or Screenshot on iPhone?

How to Blur Part of a Photo or Screenshot on iPhone? Very often we have to share screenshots or photos with different people. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to send such images without additional processing.

After all, these images, in addition to what you want to share, may contain confidential information that is not intended for prying eyes. For example, you need to display several messages from a dialogue box, but they are not located next to each other. In such a situation, it is worth resorting to a banal disguise of information that you do not plan to demonstrate.

Sometimes you need to blur not only the background but only part of the image.

This can be done in several fairly simple ways: use a standard photo editor, special online services or app store apps. Let’s see how it works.

How to Draw on a Photo on iPhone

All iPhone and iPad users are probably familiar with drawing mode.

The easiest way to remove unnecessary information from a screenshot is to edit it using the system’s built-in photo editor. Since all actions on iPad and iPhone are exactly the same, so I’m going to demonstrate everything on the tablet.

    • Do screenshot that you plan to share after editing.
    • Open the Photos app and select the desired image.
    • Click the Edit button.

Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to change the appearance of shapes.

    • Switch to drawing mode.

You can even set a color to match the background. Just use a pipette.

    • In the toolbar, click on the “+” and select the square.

You can even use a circle. It all depends on the area to be painted.

    • Move it to the right place in the image and set the shape corresponding to the area containing confidential information.

This is how you can quickly and provocatively hide confidential information.

  • Fill the inside of the square with the selected color and click the “Finish” button.

After these steps, the additional data will be carefully hidden from the image and you can share it via Messenger or social networks. This is the easiest way, but far from the most elegant.

Online Photo Blur

The site is entirely in English, but there is nothing complicated there.

The prettiest and neatest way to hide unnecessary information from an image is to recognize blur part of the image. You can do this using third-party apps or web services. If you don’t want to use memory for a few such actions, the inline blur will be a great solution.

    • Go to
    • Click on “Choose file”, indicate the path to the desired image and click on “Download!”.

Simply draw over the area with your fingers.

    • Once the image is loaded, select the area you want to blur.

Image processing is almost instantaneous.

    • Scroll down and click the “Send!” button.

See what the result is.

Below will appear a screenshot with an already blurred area. And no additional software in the memory of your smartphone. If this is a one-time action for you, choose this method.

How to Blur Part of a Photo or Screenshot on iPhone?

For lack of a tablet version, I had to use the enlarged mode.

But if like me, you work with such things and regularly need to hide data in images, it is worth downloading a special application for this. With a large number of screenshots, of course, it is better to use such a solution. It does not depend on the quality of the Internet and the performance of the service itself. For blur parts of the photo necessary:

    • Download the Censor app from the App Store.
    • Launch the application, click on the “+” in the upper left corner and select the image you are interested in.

Blur is not automatically enabled.

    • Click on the droplet to switch to blur mode.
    • Select the area that needs to be hidden from prying eyes.

You can also define an arbitrary shape of the blur area.

    • Click the “Share” button in the upper right corner.

You can share an image directly from the app.

  • Select Save Image.

After these steps, the final image will appear in the gallery with all your photos. The method is quite simple and quick. Thus, it is possible to process a sufficiently large number of images in a short period of time.

Blur Photo iPhone App

“Blur and Mosaic” captivates with its simplicity.

To Censorship requests, in fact, there is a minus. For some, it will be important, and someone will not even pay attention to it. There is no version for tablets. For these users, I recommend the “Blur and Mosaic” program. It seemed to me that with the help of it you can perform all actions even faster than with any of the previous options. To blur sensitive information in a photo using this app, you will need:

    • Download from the App store blur and mosaic applications.
    • Run it and download the image you are interested in. You can take a photo from the camera directly in this program.

Swipe your finger and you can record immediately.

    • Once the image loads, simply shade the area you need with your finger. The screenshot or photo will be blurry where you swipe.

Unfortunately, you cannot immediately send to Telegram. Only by saving.

  • After that, click on the checkmark in the upper right corner and save the result.

It seemed to me that this method is the easiest of all presented above. It does not require switching to additional modes and additional actions. A few finger movements and that’s it. But you will definitely choose the option that exactly suits your needs.

After all, as mentioned above, for such a blur it makes no sense to keep an additional program in the device’s memory. In addition, someone may not live up to elegance and aesthetics at all, and standard tools in the Photos app for this simple action.