How to Automatically Change iPhone Wallpaper?

Since iOS 16, we can automatically change iPhone wallpaper from time to time. So we are giving the solution of “How to Automatically Change iPhone Wallpaper”


iPhone customization has improved over time and with iOS 16 there has been a very significant change with the arrival of the new lock screen. Now the iPhone can be more personal than ever and among the options, we find there is of being able to change the wallpaper automatically and choose the photos we like the most.

In versions prior to iOS 16, to change the iPhone wallpaper automatically, we had to resort to small tricks, but with iOS 16 this function is present among the customization options from the lock screen.

From iOS 16 you can change the wallpaper automatically on your iPhone

How to Automatically Change iPhone Wallpaper?

As with the lock screen, which we can change automatically at a certain time or when we arrive somewhere, Apple also allows iOS 16 changes the wallpaper of our iPhone from time to time. And here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Long press on the lock screen from your iPhone.
  2. Tap the blue icon with a “+”.
  3. At the top, tap random pics.
  4. The iPhone will automatically make a selection between people, nature, and cities but we can choose the photos we want.
  5. Before that, press Photo change frequency and choose how often you want the photos to change or whether you want them to change when you touch the screen or each time you unlock the iPhone.
  6. to push on Select photos manually.
  7. Your photos will open and you should go touch everyone you want to select.
  8. When you’re done, touch up To add.
  9. You can position and adjust each photo and then choose if you want these photos to be synced with the iPhone home screen photos or if you want to keep separate screenshots.
  10. It’s done, you’ll get one home screen on your iPhone with an automatic change of photos.

These photos, as well as all the options we have, can be re-customized in case you want to add more photos or change the frequency with which they change automatically.

By simply holding the lock screen and tapping customize on this screen, you can edit photos by tapping the icon on the bottom left and edit other options on the 3 dots on the bottom right.

Without a doubt, a cool form of customization is available from iOS 16we also have it from iPadOS 16. In other systems such as macOS, it is something that has been available for a long time, and it has finally reached iPhone and iPad.