How to Automatically Change iPhone Lock Screen?

How to Automatically Change iPhone Lock Screen?  iOS 16 introduces many important new features and one of them allows us to change iPhone lock screen automatically.

With iOS 16, a completely redesigned lock screen allows us many customization options. And among these options we have a new function that allows us to automatically change the lock screen of our iPhone depending on a specific time or location.

How to Automatically Change iPhone Lock Screen?

The new lock screen is closely related to the Concentration mode and it is precisely thanks to these different modes that we can automatically change the screen of our iPhone. to be able automatically switch wallpapers to different widgets from the home screen, all without us having to touch a button.

Here’s how beautiful the new iOS 16 lock screen looks

Automatically change your iPhone screen

The first step will be create focus mode, this function allows us many things, such as having an emoji in the top bar of the iPhone or creating a “child mode” with only the applications we want. And now, with iOS 16, we can also automatically change wallpaper and lock screen widgets.

As they say, the first thing to do is to create a new focus mode and when customizing it, create an automation so that it changes automatically:

  1. Come into Settings > Focus Modes.
  2. Click above “+” and in Custom.
  3. Select a a name, a color and an icon to identify the mode.
  4. Press on Next and in Custom focus mode.
  5. In category Customize screensselect one of the already created screens or design one by tapping on the gallery.
  6. In the lower area, click add automation.
  7. Picking out Time, place or when an application is open.
  8. Once you have activated the calendar, the lock screen will change automatically.
  9. You can create anything you want.

By creating a focus mode, we can automate its activation

Although this is a really thoughtful option to change iPhone focus mode, designed to be changed, for example, when we arrive at work or when we get into the car. Although it’s not really a function to change iPhone wallpaper automatically.

If you want to change only the wallpaper, you can do it with a new unlock screen and selecting Random Photos. From here you can select photos of certain people, nature or landscapes, or we select the photos we want the most. We can also choose how often we want the background to change.

Apple has changed a bit of mentality with iOS 16 and allows us to personalize our iPhone in several ways. Until now it was something unthinkable, but with the new operating system we can do it.