How to Add Music to a Photo Step by Step?

Add Music to Photo favorites, and creating an animation or video with them allows you to breathe new life into those images you love so much and want to keep or share with your friends or family.

Spice up your favorite photos by adding music to them. Putting photos with music in WhatsApp States or Instagram Stories is already very common.

The 13 Best Tips for Instagram StoriesToday, we will tell you about some applications and websites that have the necessary tools to make beautiful creations by combining photography and music to share them on any social network or save them as a memory. We will also explain to you that everything is much easier.

  • Websites to put music on your photos
  • How to put music on your photos from mobile

How to Add Music to a Photo?

Creating your videos and putting background music on them from a website gives you the advantage of not installing an application; you have to drag or upload the images you want to use and nothing more.


Kapwing adds music to your photos and turns them into videos.

Easily convert your Pictures into a beautiful video with a Music background and visual effects below the walkthrough.

1 – Upload or drag the image or images you want. You can also paste a URL from the web of the image or images.

2 – Change the image size or crop it if you want. In this step, you can also set the duration of the video, add music to it, and set a background color. If you upload multiple images, organize the order so that the presentation is perfect.

3 – Once all the settings have been made, click on the button Export, and the video will be output in MP4 format.

The use of this site is completely free, and no download is required. Images are stored in the cloud so that you can access them from any device.


With Clideo, you can easily add music to your photos without downloading anything.

This website allows adding music and other effects to images you have stored on your PC or mobile.

Its use is very simple, and because it is online, you don’t have to download anything.

1 – Click on the button Download files and upload any device the photos you want to use.

2 – Once the images are loaded, arrange them in the order you want, add the audio and you can trim and adjust the video to your liking or even add transition effects.

3 – Then click on the button Exportafter a few seconds, you will see the result on the screen, and you can play it to see if it turned out as expected.

4 – You can save the result on your device or in Google Drive or Dropbox.

Clideo is completely free and also offers paid services if you want to get more features or more storage.

How to put music on your photos from your mobile?

Google Photos

Add music to your photos and create movies with Google Photos

The classic app that comes pre-installed on most Android phones is Google Photos. With it, you can create themed movies and add music and other effects to your photos.

1 – Open the application on your mobile or log in if you still need to.

2 – In the lower right corner of the screen, you will find several options; you must click on Library.

3 – Once the Library is open, you will find some options; you must choose Utilities.

4 – When you are inside Utilitiesswipe up to see the options that appear further down the menu, you will reach the section Createin this section click on Film.

5 – You will find several movie themes; in this case, you must select a New movie and choose the Pictures and the videos you want to include.

6 – Once you have finished selecting everything, you must press the button to safeguard.

7 – Stop adding sound. You must select the movie you just created and click on the button To modify.

8 – You can leave the music applied by Google Photos or select another one by pressing the Music button.

9 – To finish, press safeguard, and that’s it; you will have your pictures with music.

Create a view

This application is available for Android and iOS and can be used online from the browser.

To start using it from your mobile, follow these steps.

1 – Choose the format of the drawing (horizontal or vertical)

2 – Select one or more Pictures.

3 – Then, you can add text and music.

4 – You can now choose to download your design in different formats.

5 – After a few seconds, your creation will be ready, and you can see how it went.

6 – Finally, you can adapt the video obtained to use on social networks or share it in full HD video format.

Edit your videos like a pro with the best video editing apps.


This application is free and easy to use; you can create excellent presentations and videos on Android and iOS.

1 – Open the application and choose from the options to create a Video, Photo, or Collage.

2 – Once the images have been chosen, you can retouch the color, add filters, a background color, etc.

3 – Then, you can add music to your photos using one recommended by the application or by selecting a sound file you have stored on your mobile. You can also use audio from other videos to apply them.

4 – Add sound effects, voiceovers, and others.

5 – Press the Save button once you are done shaping everything.

6 – If you wish, you can share your video on social networks, by email, or on WhatsApp.