How to Add Desktop icon in Windows?

By default, all versions of Windows do not have a desktop icon. “My computer” (which is so necessary for novice users). I think the developers “hide” it in vain… (after all, removing the icon is easier than adding it…).

In the context of this note, I have decided to cite several of them. Ways to add the necessary elements to the enslaved person. Table (by the way, we are not talking only about “My Computer,” but also about “Recycle Bin,” “Network,” “User Files,” etc.).

How to Add Desktop icon in Windows?

Because There are many typical questions of this type – below, I immediately took several. Versions of Windows 7/8.1/10/11 

The content of the article

Addition of system. badges for office table

Windows 10/11

Remark: these operating systems use “This computer” instead of “My computer.” But the background is the same… 

Option 1

So… The easiest option:

  1. go to windows settings (combination win + i);
  2. go to the tab “Personalization / Themes”;
  3. Click on the article “Desktop Icon Options”;
  4. check the box next to “A computer” and click OK. All! Immediately after that, a computer icon will appear on the desktop (if it does not appear – see this). 

Option 2

  1. hurry Win + Rshow window “Course”;
  2. In the “Open” line, paste the command Rundll32 shell32.dll, Control_RunDLL desk. cpl,,5 and press Enter;
  3. the desktop icon options window should appear: all you have to do is tick the necessary boxes… 

Option 3 (using gadgets)

If the problem cannot be solved, as usual, you can use third-party gadgets (widgets). What purpose: you will install a small program in which you can bring useful tools to your desktop (clock, links to my computer, documents, etc.). 

To note popular widgets for Windows that I described here (my example is below: widgets of XWidgettheme/package: buuf theme).

Option 4 (we remove a label instead of an icon)

If you open File Explorer (Win+E), hold down the right mouse button on the element “This computer” in the left menu and drag the mouse cursor (with it) on the desktop – you will have a shortcut.

Of course, a shortcut is not an icon, and it will be inferior in some functions. However, it will provide quick access to the system directory. 

Windows 8

1) Click Win + Rshow window “Course”. Then enter the command control and press Enter. The control panel should open.

2) You need to go to the section “Appearance and Personalization / Personalization.” 

3) In the left menu, click on the item “Change desktop icons.”

4) It remains to indicate which icons you need (Computer, User Files, Network, Recycle Bin, Control Panel) and click OK.

Windows 7

In this operating system, open the START menu, right-click on the menu “a computer,” and select the item “Show on Desktop.” See the example below. 

There is another option: right-click anywhere on the desktop, select the item “Personalization,” and in the left menu, click on the item “Change desktop icons.” Then, it remains to check the boxes next to the desired element.


If you followed the recommendation in the note, but the icons do not appear, check this: