How to Add a Tag to Notes?

How to Add a Tag to Notes? Almost all of Apple’s built-in apps have many useful features that can make them easier to use and quickly find the files you need. “Notes” is clearly no exception!

The built-in text editor not only lets you insert media or links into your document, but also adds tags to group your entries so you don’t lose them on your phone or tablet.

Tags in Notes help to separate text files according to content, but not to lose them. Have you noticed that they are often found, but have never used them? Today we are going to tell you what they are for and how to use them correctly. It’s very comfortable.

Learn about tags in the Notes app and how to use them.

Probably every note-taking app out there today has beacons. They allow you to organize documents and not lose sight of important data: keywords work like on Instagram or any other social network! Tags in Notes iOS 15 helped me organize dozens of work documents and note which document I wrote something in, as well as eliminate articles from notes with training programs.

How to Add a Tag to Notes?

Having written all the necessary data in a text document, do not forget to add a label: press the # symbol immediately after it writes the keyword and does not forget to put a space after the tag so that it begins to glow. For example, “food”. You can add multiple tags at once to make it easier to find, and you can also set them in the title in large print.

Add a tag directly to a note – it will be easier to find the document you need!

After adding tags you’ll see that under the folders on the main “Notes” page there will be a “Tags” section: all the ones you’ve used in your notes will be in the same area. Click any item to view all documents with that tag.

For example, you may have several folders with work notes, and some of them contain call data. By tagging #calls You can quickly find these notes without having to open individual folders.

How to view tags in Notes

Notes in iOS 15 make it easier to view and sort tags so they are also in order. This is a good opportunity since several dozen keywords can be added during use, some of which may be similar and, in fact, simply repeat themselves. Sort tags very easily.

Tags can be viewed in any form you prefer

  • Click “All Tags” in the tags section.
  • Click the options button in the upper right corner.
  • Select “View as Gallery” to display tags in squares.
  • Select Sort notes to sort notes by date added, modified, newest to oldest, or title.

Smart Folder in Notes

Over time, beacons can become extremely numerous. To organize them and not get confused now in tags, and not in documents, use smart folders. They allow you to group tags into special sections to make your work easier.

Smart Folders combine multiple tags to avoid confusion

  • Open Notes on your device.
  • Click the Create folder icon in the lower left corner.
  • Select New Smart Folder.
  • Enter a name and mark the required tags.
  • Click Done.

Now all notes that have the tags specified when creating a smart folder will be added to it. At first, using this method is quite difficult, but you have to get used to it. Usually, smart folders come in handy after a few days of use.

How to View Notes on iPad?

To see and edit notes in iCloud could other users, you must give the necessary access. This is useful when working together so you don’t have to transmit the same note multiple times. This is done very easily.

You can give grade editing access to other users

  • Open any note.
  • Click on the three dots in the upper right corner.
  • Click Share note.
  • Choose sharing options: show notes only or make edits.
  • Then specify the sending method (via Messages, Mail or other messengers).

In addition, you can consult the history of modifications of each user: an orange point will appear in the list of those who have shared files. Click “Show members” to configure the settings:

  • Show updates (all changes since the note was last opened).
  • Show all activities (all activities with a rating will be displayed).
  • Show selection (shows all changes made by each participant).

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