How to Activate the new Gmail Design?

Gmail has long since ceased to be a simple email service to be something more. In addition to being one email client for all your accounts, Whether they come from Google or not, you can organize your time with Calendar, your contacts, and your notes, and access the rest of Google services to work or manage your daily life. And with its new integrated design, Gmail makes it easy to access Chat, Spaces, and Meet.

Gmail has changed a lot since its beginnings as a minimalist email client. Little by little, it was integrating the complete offer of Google apps. Over the years, it eliminated shortcuts and incorporated new ones… And finally, the productivity suit Google will be Gmail with Chat, Spaces, and Meet. We have already been able to verify this in Gmail for mobile devices.

And even if on mobile screens it’s more of a nuisance than a help, in its desktop version, This is another thing. Gmail’s new integrated design puts Google apps at your fingertips, and we can switch between them without leaving our email client.

How to Activate the new Gmail Design?

What’s New in Gmail’s New Design

You may have seen a floating window when you open Gmail on your computer. “Try the new Gmail view.” You can test it at this time by clicking on Try now or clicking on Close and doing it another time.

This new integrated design of Gmail integrates services such as Chat, Spaces, and Meet in a way that they are a part of more than Gmail. Now a sidebar will display shortcuts for change instantly among the four Google services or applications. Without opening new tabs or windows in the browser.

 The second prominent new feature is in the lower-left corner of the Gmail window. Google calls it a notification bubble. You will see visual notifications when you receive a new chat or space message. When you hover over it, you will see a message preview. In addition, you can reply to these messages from a pop-up window or directly from the Chat or Spaces tab.

For the rest, the panel that corresponds to Gmail and shows trays can be hidden to take up less space. And to let your contacts know if you’re available, busy, or working, in the top right corner, you’ll see a status indicator.

How to Enable Gmail Embedded Design?

If you want to take advantage of this new design, you should know that, for the moment, Google has not enabled it by default. But you can easily switch between the current layout and the new one. It will depend on whether, in addition to Gmail, you use services such as Chat, Spaces, or Meet. Google tells us that if we want this new integrated design, we must activate the chat in Gmail and select it in the left panel.

So to enable chat in Gmail, we will go to Setting, in the upper right corner of Gmail, from your computer’s browser. In Setting, we View all settings > Chat and Meet. We will activate Google Chat by selecting google-chatdisabled next to Cat.

Then we go back to Setting. This time, we will set the settings and click on Try the new Gmail view. A floating window will open where it is necessary to press or click on Reload. If you don’t like this new built-in Gmail design, you can revert to the old design by repeating the steps above.