How Much is Google Pixel 6a?

The Google Pixel 6a is now official: we tell you everything you need to know about the biggest rival of Apple’s iPhone SE.

In the mobile phone industry, the truth is that more and more manufacturers are betting on the mid-range. Some time ago we saw Apple’s new iPhone SE, a phone that retains the classic design but incorporates the same chip as the iPhone 13. And, in this sense, Google has chosen to do the same with its new Pixel 6a.

With this new phone, which is the natural evolution of the Pixel 4a, Google has taken the opportunity to include, in a phone that Slightly reduces Google Pixel 6 features, specs and size, its best processor to date, the Google Tensor. In general, we are talking about one of the best mid-range phones launched so far this year, which has also can be purchased for only 459 $.

Google presents the Pixel 6a: it is the greatest representative of the mid-range

As we mentioned, the new Google Pixel 6a It arrives to compete with the Nothing Phone (1), another of the great high-end devices launched at low prices and which is the most impressive on the Android phone market.

For this Google Pixel 6a, from the firm they opted for keep the classic design of this range of devices. It is available in different colors such as sage, chalk or charcoal, and reduce screen size vis-à-vis his older brothers, staying in 6.1 inches.

As a detail, it is true that the resolution of the screen drops to Full HD+, but despite this it’s still AMOLED it will therefore give spectacular results in the vast majority of situations.

As for the cameras, it is true that they have also decreased slightly, but in the so-called Camera bar there is room for your 12.2MP Sony IMX363 main sensor and a second sensor Ultra wide angle Sony IMX386 12 MP, which according to Google offers very good results even when it gets dark.

Another area where the Pixel 6a cuts is the battery. Smaller in size, it also has a lower battery which it remains at 4410 mAh. Additionally, fast charging is limited to 18Wwith the detail that the charger must be purchased separately.

This is what the Pixel 6a looks like, Google’s new mid-range phone that happens to conquer the market

Without a doubt, the best aspect of the Google Pixel 6a has to do with power and performance. This device incorporates Google Tensor Processor as well as the Titan M2 chip, exactly the same as that of the Google Pixel 6 Pro. Moreover, it is accompanied in its most basic version by 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage internal, which as indicated in the Andro4all analysis are ideal for many users but can be further increased by purchasing a higher version. Google Pixel 6a review: The ‘mini’ Pixel we wanted, now with a premium brain

And software-wise, the Pixel 6a offers the same experience as the rest of the lineup. Pure Android in its latest version, with 3 years of updates guaranteed software. In this way, it positions itself as a great exponent in the mid-range, since has the power of a top of the range and reduce functionality which, for the vast majority of users, does not pose a great limitation.

Inspiration for Apple?

As you probably already know, Apple has a similar solution, the iPhone SE. They are similar in that they both have the latest processor and do not reduce power, but the 3rd generation iPhone SE, in addition to being more expensive, is true that has many more limitations in the vast majority of cases.

The Google Pixel 6a doesn’t cut as many things as Apple’s iPhone SE

The most obvious difference is the design. While the iPhone SE continues the design of the iPhone 8the truth is that the Pixel 6a, despite the reduction in screen size and quality, continues to offer a design according to the current times, and of good size for the vast majority of users.

In addition, phone screenalthough, as we have indicated, it is lower than that of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, always high quality, not like the iPhone SE which is reduced to the LCD screen. And, as expected, Google also opted for 128 GB of storage as a base capacity, not like Apple which remains stuck at 64 GB. 5 reasons to buy the iPhone SE 3

However, without a doubt the best thing about this new terminal is the price. While on the Apple site the iPhone SE can be purchased from 529 $, for its part the Pixel 6a can be purchased from 459$, a considerable saving for those who do not want an iPhone. . In addition, as a launch promotion, If you buy the Google Pixel 6a on Amazon, you get the Pixel Buds headphones for free, keeping the full package for just 459 $.

Despite this, it is quite clear that Apple continues to be able to play the software card with your iPhone SE. While the Google Pixel 6a has Android built in and will only get 3 years of updates, Apple’s iPhone SE will be updated much longerand the iOS operating system in general tends to be more popular with users, although this subject is quite personal.