Guide for Organizations: Business Account on the Pinterest Social Network.

The online service Pinterest, also known as the global directory of ideas, is a good Internet resource for promotion in social networks, SEO optimization, and self-promotion of a site (online store or blog) in search engines.

Creating a business account on Pinterest and switching from a personal account to a business profile without registration will not take much time. Upgrade to a free business account to get great features like analytics and a user profile that are only available to businesses on Pinterest. 

How do I create a business account on Pinterest or transfer a personal page to a business account without signing up?

Millions of people search Pinterest for all kinds of ideas every day. Companies publish more than 75% of ideas, so you play a significant role in the lives of the inhabitants of the global idea directory. 

How do I undo the business account on Pinterest?

To close your business profile and deactivate your Pinterest business account, visit the Help Center page and contact support.

To note: Disabling a business account on Pinterest does not mean that your username and email address will be released for new accounts. If you want to change the name or address, make the necessary changes on the settings page instead of deleting it. 

It is essential to know: If you delete your Business Profile, you won’t be able to get your Pins or Boards back.