How do I know how much storage my Mac has?

How do I know how much storage my Mac has? Complete the guide to finding out how much space you have on your Mac

Surely you have happened at some point to want to install a game or an application on your computer and you receive an annoying message telling you that your Mac does not have enough space storage to save and install it.

Other times you work on your computer and just ask questions. how much storage you have available and how much you have left to fill it. Anyway, here we leave you a guide with which you can solve your questions about the capacity of your Mac.

How to check the used and available storage space on your Mac?

Each of the tabs shows you the different files on your Mac

  1. Click on the manzanita  which is at the top left.
  2. Now, in the drop-down menu, click on About This Mac.
  3. Now click on Storage.

The calculation will take some time, but now you can see different colors on the bar. Each of them is a different category of files. Remember that categories do not correspond to specific folders you have on your computer.

if you have more than one account User ID on your Mac, the categories that appear correspond to the user who has connected.

Are categories are:

  • Apps: All apps you have installed on your Mac, except system apps.
  • documents: All files such as Pages documents or PDFs. You can also include videos or photos that are not managed in the photo library.
  • iCloudDrive: All files are stored in iCloud Drive.
  • iOS files: Backups you made of iOS.
  • Television, music, books and podcasts: All purchases you have made in these apps.
  • E-mail: All emails and attachments in this app.
  • Posts: Stores all Messages and conversations, including attachments.
  • Musical creation: GarageBand, Logic and MainStage content.
  • Pictures: the whole library of your Mac, it is perhaps what occupies the most.
  • waste paper basket: everything you deleted in the system recycles the bin.
  • Other users: Files for all users and accounts on this Mac.
  • macOS: macOS system applications and files, such as the calculator.
  • system data: all files that are not included in any of the previous categories.

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The rest of the bar area would be the space that you have free on your Mac. If you want to free up space, click on the Manage… button where you will get a very detailed list of applications and files installed on the Mac. From this menu, you can uninstall and remove easily as much as you want to free up space.