How Clear Cache on iPhone?

How Clear Cache on iPhone? It is said that iOS is not only better optimized than Android, but also more efficiently automated. Apparently, Apple’s mobile OS doesn’t get clogged up over time and slow down like Android devices because it can clear the cache automatically, which apps record.

But in fact, this is not the case at all, because in most cases cached files don’t go anywhere unless they are manually deleted. This means that the more there is, the higher the likelihood that your iPhone will run slower.

iPhone Cache Won’t Clear, Contrary to Popular Belief

iPhone slowing down due to cache is a fairly common phenomenon. And this is despite the fact that the original purpose of the cache is to increase the speed of the device. The application, after downloading some data at the first start, saves them in the memory of the device, so that it does not download them later, but extracts them from quick access and completes the tasks in less than time.

Should I clear the cache on my iPhone?

The most common example of caching job sites. Each time we launch a new web page, it automatically saves some data on our iPhone, to which it “clings” on subsequent launches. Therefore, it turns out that the site loads faster, because, roughly speaking, our smartphone already knows it and does not load all the data from scratch. It’s comfortable.

Delete the cache manually – it certainly won’t make it worse

But sometimes cache files get too much and they don’t start to overclock iPhone but, on the contrary, slow it down. This causes browser pages to load slower than they could, all things being equal, and sometimes they don’t open at all, showing an error, even though everything is working fine from another device. In this case, only clearing the cache can help. And regular.

No matter what they tell you, you can and should do it with your hands. First, because app cache on ios isn’t automatically erased, which means that as a result, they’ll just start eating away at valuable space. And, secondly, it is only a matter of time before the cache starts harming you. These files, like cancer cells, can cause some kind of system failure, due to which they will no longer be benign and develop into malignant ones.

How Clear Cache on iPhone(Safari)?

Safari is the most popular browser on iOS. That is why empty the cache we will be there first:

  • Go to “Settings” on your iPhone;
  • Scroll down and open the Safari tab;

Delete the cache this way so you don’t clear the excess

  • At the very bottom of the page, select “Add-ons”;
  • Open “Site Data” and click “Delete All Data”.

This is a soft delete method that will retain all settings and bookmarks, but at the same time empty the cache, that the browser has accumulated. That is, the history of visits and passwords will remain with you. This will not happen if you use the “Clear History and Data” button. In this case, everything will be erased cleanly.

How to clear the google chrome cache?

Google Chrome ranks second in popularity among iOS users, and it also lets you clear cache:

  • Launch the Google Chrome app on your iPhone;
  • Click on the three dots at the bottom right to open the context menu;

Chrome has a dedicated cache clear tab

  • Open “Settings” – “Privacy” – “Clear history”;
  • Check the “Files saved in cache” box and confirm the deletion.

How to Clear Firefox Cache

And finally, the way to clear the firefox cache on ios:

  • Open the Firefox app on your iPhone;
  • Click on the three bars in the lower right corner to open the context menu;

Firefox also accumulates a cache, and it needs to be cleared from time to time.

  • Go to the “Settings” tab, then to “Data management”;
  • Check “Cache” and confirm its deletion.

How Clear Cache on iPhone? – Why do You Need it?

Empty the cache only deletes website data stored in your iPhone’s memory and nothing else. In this case, when you open the resources you visited previously, they back up the cache Again. So be prepared that the first time the page will take longer to load than usual. However, all subsequent attempts to open it will take less time.

All browsers accumulate a lot of caches, and it needs to be cleared

Although there is no consensus on the frequency clear cache on iPhones, practice shows that it is better to do this once a month or two. It is often irrational to delete files accumulated by the browser (and other applications, in general, too) because in this case, the cache will not work efficiently enough for acceleration. And, if you do it less often, you may experience cache space overflow and iOS slowdown.

Usually, the browser cache does not take up as much space as the cache of other applications. Usually, it does not exceed 150-200 megabytes. But cached files from Telegram or TikTok can weigh several tens of gigabytes. We talked more about what to do with it in this article – be sure to read it, it will help you save a lot of disk space.