How AirPods Max turns off? Here’s how their low power mode works

This is how you can turn off your AirPods Max completely; that’s all you need to know to keep the battery from draining.

The characteristic of AirPods Max On/Off generates many doubts among users of the best Apple headphones. Although the AirPods Max has buttons that each user can customize to their liking, there is no way to turn off the AirPods Max using a button. The default method is to use the Smart Case, but that’s something we don’t always carry with us.

Shortly after its official launch, Apple clarified how AirPods Max power-saving modes work, how they turn off when not in use and why the Smart Case isn’t always needed to turn off the headphones.

How AirPods Max turns off?

The AirPods Max doesn’t have a button to turn them off, which many regret and forced Apple to show on its website how to turn off its headphones. As the company says in its support document, when you remove the ‌AirPods Max‌ but don’t put them in their Smart Case, enter “low power mode” after five minutes of inactivity, preserving the battery charge according to different consumption states.

When 72 hours have passed, as long as the AirPods Max has not been moved, ‌earbuds go into lower battery consumption mode, disables Bluetooth, and ‌Search to save more battery.

If you leave AirPods Max in one place and don’t use it for five minutes, it will go into low power mode to save battery. After 72 hours out of the smart case, AirPods Max enters a low power mode that turns off Bluetooth and searches to save battery life.

Apple also clarifies how the ‌AirPods Max‌ behave when placed in their Smart Case. The same two low power states are involved but activated at different times. The first “low power mode” is activated immediately after insertion, but the “ultra-low” mode only kicks in after 18 hours in the Smart Case.

Putting the ‌AirPods Max‌ in the Smart Case, they go into low power mode immediately to save battery. After 18 hours in the Smart Case, the ‌AirPods Max‌ enters an ultra-low power mode which disables Bluetooth and ‌Finds Me‌ and maximizes battery life.

As Apple indicates, the total battery consumption does not differ much from one alternative to another. However, it is important to consider at least if the headphones are to be used for the next 18 hours; the best option is to put them in the Smart Case. Otherwise, the special “ultra-low” power mode will take three days to start, in which case the battery may run out sooner.

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