Ubiased Hostinger WordPress Hosting Review

When you’re just starting, the last thing you want to do is spend a lot of money on your website. Even if it’s a little bit of money, that can add up fast when you have several websites. Hostinger WordPress Hosting Review helps you to understand to make a decision.

After all, that money could have been used on other things to grow your business and brand. That’s why most new businesses try to find as many free options as possible for their websites.

For example, using a free website hosting service like Hostinger is an excellent way to get started without spending too much money initially. In this Hostinger WordPress hosting review, we’ll look at why many people choose Hostinger and whether or not it’s something you should consider too.

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What is Hostinger?

Hostinger is a hosting service for your WordPress website. They provide a very simple and easy-to-use interface that allows you to manage your site quickly.

You can create a new account, create a new website, or even restore an old website from a backup. They offer shared hosting, which is the most basic type of hosting. It’s ideal for small businesses and other organizations who need to use multiple websites on the same hosting server.

Hostinger WordPress Hosting Plans

Like any other web hosting service, Hostinger offers different WordPress hosting plans. Unlike other hosting services, Hostinger offers whopping discounts on their hosting plans. 

The cheaper plans are still more affordable but are also more limited in features. Their cheapest WordPress hosting plan is $3.83 per month. You’ll get access to a single website hosting plan with that plan. It’s best suited for small business owners, bloggers, and WordPress users who only need a single website. 

Their most expensive hosting plan is $7.16 per month. With this plan, you get access to a powerful shared WordPress hosting plan. This plan is best suited for websites with tons of traffic and features.

Pros & Cons Hostinger WordPress Hosting


  • Hostinger is the leading provider of WordPress hosting. That’s a fact.
  • They’ve been in the hosting business for a long time, and their reliability and cheap prices have made them a popular option for many WordPress users.
  • Their shared hosting plan excels at giving you the most resources at an affordable price. With their shared hosting plan, you get unlimited websites, unlimited data transfer, and an unlimited number of domains.
  • It’s perfect for businesses and bloggers who need to use multiple websites and don’t need loads of features.
  • Their VPS hosting plan gives you even more resources than their shared hosting plan.
  • With their VPS hosting plan, you get loads of advanced features, like a dedicated server with an SSD drive, unlimited websites, unlimited data transfer, and more.
  • It’s perfect for businesses that need tons of resources.


  • Their shared hosting plan is less powerful than other hosting services.
  • It’s perfect for small businesses that don’t need many features but still want reliable hosting. However, if you want a more powerful hosting plan, you can easily switch to their VPS hosting plan.
  • Their customer support is subpar compared to other hosting services. While it’s better than many other hosting services, it’s still not perfect.
  • If you encounter a problem with their services, you’ll have to manage it independently.
  • You can’t transfer your WordPress website to another hosting service with Hostinger. That’s frustrating because even some of their cheaper hosting plans allow you to transfer your website.

Hostinger WordPress Hosting Review Final Thoughts

Hostinger is a great choice for WordPress hosting providers. They provide affordable and reliable hosting services, and their affordable prices make them a popular option for all types of WordPress users.

Their shared hosting plan is perfect for bloggers who only need one website. Their VPS hosting plan is ideal for businesses that need tons of resources. You can even try out their free 14-day trial period to see if they’re right for your business.

Hostinger WordPress Hosting FAQ

Below are some frequently asked questions about Hostinger’s WordPress hosting service. If you have additional questions about using this service for your WordPress website, please leave them in the comments section below such other people can see them too.

Do I have to use my domain name with Hostinger?

Hostinger offers domain name registration, but you can use any domain name you want. You can even choose to use a different domain name than your website.

Can I choose my hosting plan?

Yes, you can choose your hosting plan. You can choose between the cheapest shared hosting or the more expensive VPS hosting plan.

Is there a free trial period with Hostinger?

Yes, there’s a free 14-day trial period. You can use it to test their services and see if they are right for your business.

What’s the difference between Hostinger and other WordPress hosting services?

Hostinger is known for its affordable yet reliable WordPress hosting services. It’s a good option for small businesses, bloggers, and WordPress users who don’t need many features but still want dedicated hosting.

Their shared hosting gives you tons of additional resources, like unlimited websites, unlimited data transfer, and an unlimited number of domains.