Hidden Parameters: Unlock all Hidden Settings on Your Xiaomi with This App

Hidden Parameters: Unlock all Hidden Settings on Your Xiaomi with This App

Until what point do we control our smartphones? For starters, the settings menu is full of options that we don’t always understand. Plus, there are options hidden in plain sight. only available for developers or curious users.

Hidden Parameters Android App

To this, we must add that each manufacturer personalizes its configuration. This is the case of Xiaomi settings on their phones Xiaomi, POCO or Redmi which come with MIUI installed, their custom version of Android. Did you know that there are many hidden settings in Xiaomi?

There’s a reason that everything isn’t in view of the user. Not everything has to be configurable, as it may cause problems with the performance or operation of your smartphone. But often, if we had these settings at our disposal, they would be of great help to us to customize aspects such as applications, notifications, WiFi settings or simply to check that your smartphone It’s in perfect condition.

Although there are several ways to make hidden Xiaomi settings visible, the easiest way is to install an Android app. Her name is Hidden Parameters (Hidden Parameters in English), it is specially designed for phones with MIUI but also any smartphone with Android installed.

The menu Android should have

Her name is Hidden Parameters but its full name is “Hidden Settings – Activity Launcher – Xiaomi”. This application is free, with non-invasive advertising, and with micropayments to unlock certain functions. For the rest, it is designed for MIUI phones (Xiaomi, Redmi, POCO) but it works for any Android in general.

Hidden Parameters it’s the MIUI/Android equivalent of Windows God Mode. In other words, a compilation of hidden Android and Xiaomi settings that lets you adjust, customize or configure virtually any aspect of your smartphone. Both the applications and the operating system or the smartphone itself, the battery, WiFi, etc.

At the risk of being chaotic, since the list of options is practically endless, the app organizes its menus in three ways. First in alphabetical order with an integrated search engine, so that find specific functions. But you can also dive into the hidden settings of Xiaomi using the sections Hidden Yes System. The first shows all the options, while the second focuses on those that directly affect MIUI/Android.

Another advantage of Hidden Parameters is that it is installed as one more application. It’s even on Google Play. Come on, you don’t need to root or enable any special permissions. Also, when you first open it, it only asks you for advertising (i.e. if you have Android 12). And it offers you a tutorial to show you how it works.

All You Can Change

The positive comments of those who have tried it and the list of functions that it shows in its description are excellent motivation letters for an application that will become the perfect substitute for Settings from Android.

  • optimization of battery
  • Change the refresh rate
  • Manage the Apps installed
  • Information from radio network tests, connectivity…
  • fashion bandaged (type of network)
  • private
  • APN Changer
  • Recordings and settings notifications
  • Configuring accessibility
  • Configuring VPN

Among the most notable Xiaomi, hidden settings in this app is the ability to use mobile apps in multi-user mode. In other words, it allows you to open the same application to use it with two different accounts, such as WhatsApp, Instagram or Telegram. On the other hand, we can manage Google accounts and settings beyond the options included in the official settings.

And if you want to know everything about your phone, the section dedicated to device status and information will be of great use to you. In addition to the information that the official settings already provide, you will be able to perform a hardware scan to verify that everything is working correctly and/or detect a damaged component or something that is not working as it should.

Such is the variety of hidden options you will find in Hidden Parameters which even offers the possibility of playing desert cake Is Easter eggs to hidden Android games that only become visible with a few special moves and gestures. They might not be amazing, but you’ll surely spend a few hours playing them if you have nothing better to do.

Be Careful What you Touch

In the description of Hidden Parameters there is an important notice: “Use this application With caution, some configurations are dangerous.

Only change settings that you understand. It is important to keep this in mind because, as we said at the beginning of Xiaomi’s hidden settings are hidden for a good reason: To prevent the user from performing a touch-up that interferes with the proper functioning of the phone.

An error affecting this application won’t blow up your phone. But you may find that the battery suffers and ends up being unusable in the long run. Or that important apps disappear or stop working because you changed something at some point. So if you change something in Hidden Parametersbe sure of what you are doing.

The good news is that if you change something, you can undo that change if you don’t like it or the result isn’t what you wanted. The bad news is that there is no edit history or the ability to undo changes directly.

Instead, you will have to remember what you played and undo the changes. This is perhaps one of the few flaws of a very complete application that will become the substitute for MIUI/Android settings.