12 Cool Hidden iPhone Tricks

We show you the top 12 Hidden iPhone Tricks you can change on your iPhone if you want to get the best user experience possible.

The Apple iPhone is one of the best devices currently available on the market. It has the best features and its iOS software is with you at all times to give you the best possible user experience. However, as with other devices, the truth is that they are not always fully optimized to be fast or look to the future.

For this reason, we have compiled some iPhone features you should change if you are new to this phone or haven’t changed them yet. Thanks to them, you will get the best possible end-user experience, whether in terms of terminal performance, battery consumption or management of your personal information and the privacy of your devices.

Change These 12 Hidden iPhone Tricks on Your iPhone If You Want the Best Experience

As we mentioned, the most common is to accept absolutely everything when setting up an iPhone. The truth is that Apple prepares the iOS operating system for this, but not always the best thing to do facing users.

Changing some settings can bring some interesting improvements, especially when using the iPhone on a daily basis. Specifically, we collected the 12 Best Settings You Can Change in iOS for the Best Experience possible user.

If you change some settings, you can get a better experience with your iPhone

Opt out of Personalized Ads

By default, apps, and games you install get access to information about your use of your device to display personalized advertisements. This is related to cookies and services from large online advertising companies, such as Google or Meta, and often improves the accuracy with which products and services are recommended in the apps and web pages you visit.

However, one of the advantages of having an iPhone is that it can be easily turned off. To do this, all you need to do is Go to Settings > Privacy > Apple Advertising > Personalized Ads. Note to say that you will still see advertisements, but they will be more generic advertisements and not related to your previous network traffic.

Don’t let apps track your information

In accordance with the above, and mainly in order to offer personalized advertisements To measure, apps sometimes ask for permission to get private information from your iPhone, which isn’t always a good idea. On iOS, whenever an app is installed, it’s normal to see an alert with the “Ask app not to track” option which is always the most recommended option.

You are misusing your iPhone: 3 settings you need to activateHowever, if you want to be something more radical, you can go to Settings > Privacy > Tracking then uncheck the option “Allow apps to ask to track you”. Once you have done this, no app installed on the iPhone will have the ability to access your personal information, so more generic advertisements will still be displayed.

Stop Sharing Your iPhone Information with Apple

Apple wants to improve its software as much as possible. After all, iOS is the highest-rated mobile operating system on the market by users, and that’s thanks to the feedback that is provided. However, the truth is that on some occasions it can be more intrusive than it looks.

Your privacy will be much safer if you choose not to share information about your iPhone usage with Apple

For instance, if you have “Enhance Siri and Dictation” enabled on your iPhone, some audio recordings will be sent to Apple to improve these functions. Or by sharing the diagnosis, the applications you use will be sent along with the processes, which, in addition to taking up storage space and consuming the Internet, is not always pleasing to all users.

By going to Settings > Privacy > Analytics and improvements, you can disable all options that you wish. Specifically, we recommend disabling the following for a better experience:

  • Analytics Sharing (iPhone)
  • Share data
  • Improve Siri and dictation
  • Share iCloud scans
  • Improve health and activity
  • Improve clinical history
  • Improve hand washing
  • “Wheelchair” upgrade

Disable Message Alert Repeats (unnecessary)

For some reason in the latest versions of iOS, if a text (SMS) or iMessage is received and ignored, it is automatically the alert is repeated after 2 minutes. A lot of people think they got the same notification twice, but that’s not the case: it happens because the “Repeat warnings” option is activated by default.

To change this, you just need to go to Settings > Notifications > Messages > Customize notifications > Snooze notifications and select the “Never” option from the list. Once this is done, if you receive messages, they will only be displayed once.

From Settings, you can turn off snooze messages notifications on iPhone

Take advantage of all the advantages of your mobile data plan and 5G

In the past, mobile data plans were limited. However, currently, infinite plans are coming to more and more countries, and, with the 5G connections, they offer very good performance. However, the iPhone still tries to prioritize Wi-Fi networks over the mobile network, even though it is slower.

To fix this, the first thing to do if you have an iPhone 12, iPhone SE 3rd Gen, or later is going to Settings > Mobile data > Data mode and there choose the option “Allow more data in 5G”. As Apple explains, this can give preference to the 5G network over a Wi-Fi connection on certain occasions.

Furthermore, it should also go to Settings > App Store > App Downloads and choose “Always Allow”. So if you go to the App Store and download an app, you’ll have no problem doing it with mobile data instead of Wi-Fi, no matter how small.

Choose the resolution of your iPhone camera videos

As we have already explained, changing the resolution of the iPhone camera is possible and, depending on your model, it can be very useful. Yes go to Settings > Camera, in the sections “Record video” and “Record in slow motion” you will be able to choose both sizes and frames per second you want for the videos you take with your phone.

In the Camera section of the settings, you can select the resolution that the videos you record with your phone will have

Depending on the iPhone you have, the default settings may not be the most optimal. Sometimes it’s better to have more frames per second (fps) than the resolution itself in itself. You should experiment to see what’s best for you personally, and as long as your phone’s storage allows, select the best quality possible.

Burst with volume buttons

Another interesting option may be the ability to take burst photos directly using the volume up button on the iPhone, which is useful in certain situations. To do this, you just have to go to Settings > Camera and enable the option “Volume up button for burst”. With the camera app open, just hold down the volume button to start taking photos without stopping.

Grid to take photos and videos as centered as possible

In the same vein as above, it may be interesting to activate the grid. This will cause when using the iPhone’s native camera app to view a Grid of 9 spaces, allowing you to center the objects you want to draw the most attention to. You can enable it in Settings > Camera > Grid to start improving your results.

Protect your privacy when using email

If you use Apple’s Mail app to check your emails on your iPhone, you should review the privacy information. Sometimes companies hide among emails sent by little sniffers which allow you to track your information and whether, for example, you have opened a message or not.

By activating the protection of privacy in Mail, your e-mail will be safe from possible external tracers

To solve this problem, Apple offers a small feature for its popular Mail application. go to Settings > Mail > Privacy protection and then enable the option called “Protect activity in Mail”. This way all trackers will be removed before a message is read.

Choose your Preferred Mode of Transportation to use on Maps

If you are an Apple Maps user, you will know that there are different transportation methods available that you can use to complete a certain route. For example, you can choose whether you want to travel by car, public transport, bicycle or on foot the latter being the options most chosen by users of the city.

In case you are used to modifying this data, let’s say there is a much simpler option. By going to Settings > Maps, you can choose in the “Preferred trip type” section the means of transport to use par excellence, and automatically each time a route is calculated, it will be done using it.

Customize the equalizer to enjoy your music even more

The iPhone comes by default lots of equalizer (EQ) settings for use with the Music app. Whether you are an Apple Music subscriber or want to get the most out of your audio, you should head to the section so that choose your favorite equalizer type for the type of music you are going to listen to. This way, you will enjoy the best possible audio experience on your device.

By adjusting the EQ on your iPhone, you will enjoy a better audio experience

To do this, all you need to do is go to Settings > Music EQ and select one of the modes that best match your reproduction. This will adjust all the tones to give you the best possible sound quality, and can even be used as a trick to increase the volume of music on occasion.

Replace the default search engine with the one you prefer

Among the settings, you need to change Safari is always the search engine. By default, iPhones integrate Google, but the truth is that depending on how you use your terminal, it may not be the best Internet search engine. Yes, you enter Settings > Safari > Search, you will have other options to choose from such as Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo etc.