Samsung Galaxy S21 FE : Here is the first Samsung mobile of 2023: a high-end Cheap

It looks like all the rumors and leaks point to a global Samsung presentation in early January showing the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE. This device has been leaking for months and several backlogs. Now we know that will be the first Samsung mobile of 2023, which will be a top of the range and which could come with a very attractive price. In addition, its design is no longer based on renderings: there are real images that show its rear.

Here is the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE: continuous design

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

After many months of delay, it appears that the The Galaxy S21 FE will be presented between January 10 and 15, 2023. This means that Samsung will present it as a bet for the entire following season. The company won’t say it, but it’s a device that was slated for mid-2021, not 2023.

The design was almost officially leaked in real photos from the rear. The Galaxy S21 FE will keep the design of the Galaxy S21 and you won’t be betting on a major renovation. In addition, the images show that we are probably facing a plastic back.

This one has a triple camera module and nothing else. It’s the same design that the Galaxy S21, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra currently enjoy. It’s not a bad thing if you launch the device in mid-2021, but in 2023 it could be a bit of a downside to sales.

It would arrive shortly before the Samsung Galaxy S22

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

All the rumors point to a presentation of the Galaxy S21 FE in early January. In addition, Samsung could take advantage of the CES 2023 for the official presentation. A few days later, the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S22 would take place, it is assumed, with new design and more advanced features.

At the moment, it is unclear whether this will be a interesting and recommendable device as these details will be based on features and price. The strategy worked very well for Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, but it was a lag-free mobile and launched at the right time. We will have to wait to see how the first Samsung mobile of 2023 behaves.