What is the Google Podcasts App?

Google Podcasts App is Google’s standalone app for podcasts. The free app for Android and iOS is integrated with both Google Assistant and Google Home and is quite minimalist, sporting a clean interface and a handful of features. Google Podcasts is also available on the web.

The Google Podcasts app is just one of many podcast apps for Android and iOS. One of Google’s goals is to use artificial intelligence to enhance the listening experience.

Google Podcasts is available for all Android users, iPhone users running iOS 12 or later, and on the web.

How Google Podcasts App Works?

The interface of Google Podcasts is similar for Android and iOS, while the web version, in podcasts.google.com, it’s easier.

The app has three tabs: Home, Explore, and Activity. The first time you use the app, your home screen is blank except for a prompt to add your favorites.

After subscribing and listening to podcasts, your homepage changes to show more targeted recommendations based on your listening activity.

Explore has a search bar as well as category tabs, such as News, Culture, Comedy and Technology. Activity shows your queue, podcasts you’ve downloaded for offline listening, your listening history, and your subscriptions.

On the web you will see a list of the main Podcast by category with a search bar at the top.

Choose any podcast on the Home screen or Explore tab to learn more and see recent episodes, then hit Subscribe if you like what you see. Some podcasts, like NPR’s, also have a play button. To give What you can use to support the podcast.

Podcasts you subscribe to appear at the top of your home screen. From there, you’ll find lists of new episodes, episodes you’re currently listening to but haven’t finished, and all of your downloaded episodes.

From the episode description page, play the episode, download it or mark it as reproduced.

When you start playing a podcast via google podcast, you will see a small module at the bottom of the screen with the logo of the Podcast, the name of the episode and some controls the reproduction.

To unsubscribe from a podcast, go to the podcast page. Podcast and tap Subscribed, then select Unsubscribe from the pop-up menu.

Features of Google Podcasts App

The Google Podcasts app offers several useful features, such as downloading episodes for offline listening and synchronization cross-device podcasts to quickly resume an episode. In addition to Android and iOS, you can also browse and listen to podcasts on the web.

Thanks to its integration with Google Assistant, you can use Google voice commands to control Google Podcasts on Android. Some examples:

  • Play this American life
  • Listen to the latest episode of The Sporkful
  • next episode
  • Pause
  • What’s playing? “

If you listen to a podcast on the way to work and still have an episode to finish when you get home, you can transfer the audio to your GoogleHome. Just say “Hey Google, play,” and the episode will resume.

Google is also working on a speech-to-text transcription tool to add subtitles for the hearing impaired and intends to translate it into multiple languages.