How to use Google Drive filters?

Learn how to use Google Drive filters to easily find your information

Google Drive is one of the best tools for managing and storing files on the internet. This platform of Google provides in its free version a storage capacity of up to 15 GB addition, it allows you to buy much more space, here we leave you the prices and how to buy more GB in Google Drive.

This makes it a very useful tool for saving information, however, this large storage capacity means that we often have a large number of files of different themes or uses, without a defined order, which makes it difficult to find a single specific file. Therefore, we will talk about 6 large filters that you can use to make your job easier.

What are Google Drive Filters?

They are tools to narrow down the range of possibilities in a search within Google Drive, each with a specific purpose that allows us to find the information in question.

The best filters to search in Google Drive

To access these filters, if you are from the computer, you must click on the 3 lines that are in the search bar, there you will be presented with several options to filter your search:

It is important to know that all these options exist from the mobile application just that they are presented in a different ways.


The filter that allows you to divide by file type

This search filter does a lot of the work since allows you to differentiate any type of file from spreadsheets, photos, videos, images, and PDF files, among others.

To search by file type from a PC, you must first click on search options, which is in the same field as Search Drive. You display the list of items that says Type, where it will show you all the available options. From mobile, you just have to tap on the search bar and then the different file types will appear which you can see by moving them from right to left.


Choose a file based on its owner

With this people search filter, you can get results quickly because it allows you to search based on the owner or creator of the file. Users who use Google Drive for work or often receive files from other people may reduce the amount of information depending on the sender.

To search by owner on the computer, you must also go to the search options, and display the entire list to choose the one that meets your needs. There you can choose between any person, I am the owner, I am not the owner and a specific person, you choose according to the folder and press the search button.

In the case of mobile, you just have to place yourself in the search space, automatically you will get the avatars of everyone who has shared files with you.

Contains the Words

in this option, you must add one or more words that you remember that are in the file you want to search. Try using hard-to-find words in other files for the best results. Like the rest of the filters in this list, to access it you must enter the search options.


Choose one or more files based on where they are saved

With this section, you will be able to define exactly where the file is stored since Google Drive has different locations or directories, similar to what you may have on your PC.

To search by location, you must access this option and choose between: everything, my unit, and shared with me.

Modification Date

Split files by creation or modification date

This is probably the most familiar search filter for most users, with this you will be able to find files just by setting the date they were created or last modified.

Users can generate custom date ranges or choose from certain time periods such as today, yesterday, last 7 days, last 30 days, etc.

Shared With

As the name suggests, you must enter the name or email of the person you are sharing the file with you want to find, and that way you’ll get everything you work with that person. If you have a lot of files shared with the other person, another filter will probably need to be used.

The best thing about all Google Drive filters is that you can combine several to get a more accurate result, for example, choose the type of file, and the date of its modification and filter by a word that you are sure is inside the file.

It’s also important to know that not all information you want to save is allowed in Google Drive, as some have policies that you must follow if you don’t want your information deleted.