Google Discover tests a feature that will let you see how many likes an article has

Google Discover will show you a “Like” counter for both articles and videos that appear in your feed.

Google Discover is, without a doubt, one of the best features of the American giant’s search app , as it allows you to access, simply by swiping to the right on the home screen, a personalized feed with news and YouTube videos on topics based on your interests .

Over the last few years, Google has shown that its intention is to turn its news feed into a social network, and so, after including a “like” button, now Google Discover is testing a new feature that will allow you to See how many likes an article has.

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Google Discover debuts a “likes” counter

The folks over at 9to5Google have discovered that the Mountain View-based company is testing a new feature in Google Discover that will show you a “like” counter for both articles and videos that appear in your feed.

This is really interesting, because, in addition to being able to “like” an article or a video, you will also be able to know how many people have done the same in their personalized feed. In this way, you will be able to know if other users like content as much as you do.

This new feature could be a game-changer for Google Discover, as small content creators struggling to get their content into Discover feeds could encourage their readers to hit the “like” button and thus increasing its popularity and, therefore, the visits to its websites.

For now, this new Google Discover “likes” counter is only available to a small group of users and only articles related to especially popular topics have been seen .

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Therefore, now we just have to wait to see if Google finally decides to implement this function for everyone or not, and if it decides to do so, it will most likely take a while for it to be available to all users .