11 Google Discover Tricks that few people know about

Whether you already know it or not yet, check out these Google Discover Tricks to get the most out of it.

For many of us, this will have gone unnoticed. We refer to the application of Google Discover. Does that tell you something? Some time ago we already talked about it in an article but we will summarize how it works to refresh our memory.

Google Discover Tricks

Google Discover was released in 2017 and it is basically a Google feature that consists of offers our content without our request based on different sources. To do this, it uses an AI that searches between different sources such as:

  • Our browsing history.
  • Activity in places Google can access: email inbox and outbox, app usage, Skype conversations, etc.
  • Location history.
  • Information from our devices.

Now the Google search engine will show us more personalized results

In any case, we can help the AI ​​to offer better content. For this reason, we decided to make a list of tips and tricks it will help us to improve this curious application.

Go to Discover

We may not know what Google Discover is, as we said above. Therefore, we will also not know how to access this application. In this case, we will start with the simplest, which we can access directly from the home screen of our terminal. To access Google Discover we will have to:

  • Access Google Discover from the google-widget
  • Access by pressing directly in the Google app.

Setting weather information

As soon as you open Google Discover, the first thing that appears is weather information based on our location. This information appears to us in the form of a map. In my case, it appears in the upper left corner.

How to change the temperature unit, from left to right?

By clicking on the three dots, we can change the temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius so we can know the temperature with greater precision.

Give a little love to the subjects that interest us

We know that our search habits are not the same as the topics of interest in Google Discovery. When opening the application the first few times, topics that do not interest us will appear. Therefore, we can correct this by setting the topics that interest us or not:

  • In the cards that appear, we click on the three points in the lower right corner.
  • In the menu that appears we can mark options such as we are not interested in this card, in the subject in general or in the content in Spanish.
  • Besides, the throbbing in the heart that appears on the map, we can also tailor the maps to our interests.

To like a card, you can press the heart button

By giving a little like, we can have subjects that we like and thus gradually teach the AI ​​what we want to see appear. Simple and useful, right?

Delete or add multiple topics at once

Eliminating the topics and sources that interest us is essential to be able to configure Google Discover but it can be tedious if we eliminate them one by one. In this case, we can quickly modify these preferences. To do this, we will proceed as follows:

  • Click on the three option points on any map.
  • Click on manage channels and interests.
  • In the new window, at the top, we will see the topics on which we clicked on continue.
  • By clicking on each theme, a card will appear that we can configure to display or delete this theme.

From left to right, how to delete multiple sources in Google Discover

View activity-based suggestions

In the menu that we have shown previously, we can see that just below the topics that have been suggested according to our activity. If we see a topic that does not interest us, we will click on the control buttons on the right to delete them.

If we click on the checkmark on the right, we can delete or add the suggested topics that interest us or not in our activity.

Visit topics beyond the initial summary

On the main Google Discover page, we’ll have a summary of topics we’ve added or suggested based on our regular search activity. At the start of each card, we can see what it is. If we scroll down a bit we will see that we have no more news in our feed, so if we click on more news, We will delve into the activities presented.

If we swipe we can see the more news button at the end of the feed.

We will see a list that is no longer finished like the previous one. The first themes will be related to the themes we follow. After a few, the topics will start to become more scattered.

Access the Assistant and Google Lens

From Google Discover, we have the possibility to access Google Assistant Already Google Lens. At the top, we’ll have the Assistant microphone and Google Lens camera icons accessible at all times.

By clicking on the Google Assistant button, you access the Google Lens assistant

We will simply have to click on one of the icons that appear to access these new features. We can create reminders, add events or explore the assistant without having to say “Ok Google”. The same will happen with Google Lens. We will be able to translate, for example, the text of images thanks to this feature.

Selecting the notifications we want to see

If we continue to dig into the settings, we can see that we can modify the notifications we have in Google Discover. These notifications give information about weather changes, weather conditions, frequent trips, sports reminders, etc. To see which notifications we can adjust, we do the following:

  • Click on our picture in the upper right corner.
  • Let’s go to the settings.
  • In the settings we have notifications.
  • We can see and delete notifications that we don’t want to use.

Change the Google Widget

If we have activated the Google widget, we can change the theme of Google Discover. We can adjust, among other things, the color, the logo, the background, the borders, etc. We will change the widget as follows:

  • Let’s go to the settings.
  • In the settings, the search widget menu will appear.
  • We enter and modify the parameters that we want.

Enable Data Saver in Discover

Google Discover background updates so in some cases, it can be a nuisance if we have a data rate with little data. If we want it not to be updated so often, we can change this option in the same system settings menu.

  • Let’s go to the settings.
  • We usually click.
  • We will see the “data saver” option. We mark it and that’s it.

Data saver feature in Google Discover settings

Full disabling of Google Discover

If by any chance we are fed up with Google Discover and don’t feel like having it, we can always turn it off completely. To deactivate Google Discover, go to the same menu as before by modifying the following options:

  • Let’s go to the settings.
  • We support you again in general.
  • We found the Discover option. We uncheck it if we want to deactivate it.

With this, we will have completely disabled Google Discover. On the main screen, the Discover cards will disappear and only the search bar will be available.