These 15 Games Will Soon no Longer be Available on Apple Arcade

Apple announces that some Games Will Soon no Longer be Available on Apple Arcade

It is true that Apple Arcade is a platform with a vast and extensive catalog of video games to choose from and it also allows developers to launch different installments that attract new users but also satisfy existing players.

However, this does not prevent Apple Arcade from making certain decisions regarding the future and maintenance of certain games. This could cause a conflict with the users because since they are not taken into account in the company’s plans, they could generate doubts regarding losing progress in games or starting a game that might come out later.

For this reason, Apple has decided to show a new section in the App Store in the Arcade section where it displays the games that will no longer be available and is called “Leaving Arcade soon”.

To salute this novelty, Apple showed the list of upcoming games you should grab before they leave Apple Arcade and they are:

  • Screening: First Light
  • paralebismus
  • Varied daily life
  • EarthNight
  • Atonement: Elderheart
  • above the Alps
  • Nautical Redoubt
  • mappocalypse
  • Towaga: in the shadows
  • dead end job
  • Do not disturb me!
  • spell caster
  • spidersaurs
  • Exploits
  • BattleSky Brigade: Harpooner

The reasons and the release date of these games are unknown, but one could assume that it is due to the lack of attention of the players. Therefore, if any of them caught your attention we recommend that you download them before they are no longer available.

Currently, Apple Arcade has revealed the subsequent shipments which will arrive in July 2023. You can access this platform with a payment of $4.99 and enjoy its more than 200 games.

We’ve selected the best Apple Arcade games in 2023, but Apple continues to release important and exciting installments that continue to fill out its catalog. There is no doubt that this service is one of the successes of the company.