New Details on the Front Camera of the iPhone 14

Interesting details appear on the front camera of the iPhone 14, there will be very important improvements.

We are just over 3 months away from the presentation of the new generation of iPhone and little by little we are discovering new features. In this case, a new report of ETNews revealed front camera related news. We already know that the front camera of the iPhone 14 Pro will not be in a notch, we will have a double hole on the screen, but now we know something else.

No details were given on the resolution of the camera, but what was revealed is that Apple has decided to change supplier. The front cameras of the iPhone 14 will not be made in China and, for the first time, Apple will rely on a front camera made in Korea.

For the first time in the history of the iPhone, Apple will install a South Korean product for the front camera (selfie). A Chinese company was deleted and a Korean company was selected as a supplier.

The iPhone 14 Pro could look just as good. Via RENDERED BY SHAILESH

The front cameras of the iPhone 14 will be made by LG

Apparently, the front camera of the iPhone 14 will improve considerably, as will the rear camera, and will cost almost 3 times more than the one included in previous models. This is due to the arrival of the autofocus function, which the iPhone’s selfie camera currently lacks.

The unit cost of parts has increased due to the advancement of features, such as the addition of an autofocus (AF: auto focus) function to the front camera. According to the industry, the unit price of the front camera of the iPhone 14 has almost tripled compared to previous models

iPhone 14 red

The front camera of the iPhone 14 will improve considerably

Until now Apple has always used Japanese or Chinese front cameras on the iPhone. The front camera costs about a third of what the rear camera costs. However, it is still a very important and used element on the iPhone.

“According to industry sources, on the 22nd, Apple recently decided to install LG Innotek products in the front camera of the iPhone 14 for the first time, which is expected to launch in September. Apple has informed its main partners. LG Innotek has started preparing for serial production of the iPhone 14 front camera“.

The iPhone 14 can be a real success and Apple is preparing 150 million unitsAccording to the report, Apple’s plan was originally to opt for LG Innotek cameras on the front camera of the iPhone 15, which is due out next year, but those plans have been moved forward. It seems that what there were quality issues by Chinese camera manufacturers during the first tests.