The Most Frequent Failures of MacBook. Read before Buying and Using

Frequent Failures of MacBook: If someone tells me it doesn’t make sense to buy a MacBook, I’m sure I won’t agree with them. In the few years, I’ve used this computer, I’ve realized I couldn’t live without it.

Some would say it is very expensive. In general, this is true, but if we are talking not about a budget model, but about a productive model in all respects, then the price already becomes very competitive.

Either way, the difference, if any, will be outweighed by the ease of use, which is invaluable at work. But the MacBook can crash like other computers. In this article, we will collect the most common causes of breakdowns and understand how to avoid them.

Frequent Failures of MacBook: The MacBook is a great computer, but it also breaks.

All failure examples below are based on our own experience, the experience of our readers, which they share in our Telegram chat, and what our friends at the Apple Pro Service Center have shared with us, who have repaired thousands of MacBooks of different versions over the years.

MacBook Gets Very Hot

Probably every MacBook user sooner or later will face the problem of overheating. Most often this happens on older models, for example, when working in a browser, not to mention video editing or working with photos.

This problem can be caused by various reasons. But, as a rule, one thing unites them – wear. Damping of the fan, degradation of the thermal paste, malfunction of the heat dissipation channels, including their clogging. All of this leads to overheating but is fixed.

All components suffer from overheating

It is necessary to repair such a computer, if only because operation in this mode can damage components and/or reduce their performance. For example, reducing the frequency of the processor, which understands that it is in extreme temperature conditions.

The most common cause of overheating is simple dust pollution. The computer needs to be cleaned. You can do it yourself by removing the back wall with a special tool, but it’s easier to leave it to professionals.

Moreover, such a screwdriver will also cost money, and by applying the wrong force, you can break the thread. Or, by buying a low-quality tool, you can damage its head. Then it will be difficult to disassemble the computer. The Apple Pro is often faced with this, as well as the consequences of repairs in artisanal service centers.

MacBook Stopped Charging

This is also a common MacBook failure that many users face. Often the cause is external to the computer. For example, in a power supply or even a socket. They must be checked separately.

For example, change outlets or try to connect any other device to this power supply. It can be at least a portable speaker, or even a smartphone or an iPad. The main thing is to understand that the block works.

The charging problem is particularly acute if you only have one connector.

If all goes well for him, you cannot despair. It is worth checking the connector for mechanical impurities. If there is dust, lint or other solid particles, they should be removed. If this does not help, you have direct access to a service center, where the masters will deal with the problem and, possibly, replace the connector.

MacBook Battery Drains Quickly

This is also a common reason why MacBook users experience discomfort. Often it is associated with a banal load on the computer if a lot of programs are installed on it that overload the system in the background and take over. By the way, they lead to overheating.

If you have audited and there are no additional programs, you should check the number of charge cycles (“apple” in the upper left corner – about this Mac – system report – power).

If there are more than 500, the battery may need to be replaced. But the need for replacement may come sooner if you used poor-quality charging accessories.

Is it possible to use a computer with a swollen battery

By the way, they can lead to battery swelling. Here, in general, you need to be very careful and immediately go to the service center. The battery explodes in a very colorful, bright and dangerous way.

The Apple Pro guys said this would not only almost certainly render the entire computer inoperable, but also threaten severe burns and even fire.

Do not use a swollen battery!

Water has arrived on the MacBook. What to do?

The answer is unequivocal – turn it off and run to the service center! We talked about the berry in detail in this article, so it is useless to repeat it, but in short, even a short-term hit of at least a drop of water on the board threatens to completely destroy it.

Under the influence of electricity, the process of accelerated corrosion begins. It can literally “eat” fragile components and cables in just tens of minutes.

Therefore, if something is spilled on the MacBook, we immediately disconnect the power cord, turn off the computer, turn it over in an open form so that we put the keyboard on a towel and, without closing it, we carry it serving in this form.

The guys at Apple Pro understand the seriousness of the situation and in such cases, they always try to help out of line. After all, the main thing is to disassemble everything as quickly as possible and clean it from water and its residues (salts, minerals, etc.).

Changing colors or ripples on the MacBook Screen

Basically, display issues start with older MacBook models, but sometimes they occur with relatively new models. There can be many reasons – from a loose cable to damage to the screen matrix, but often problems are associated with the video chip.

It may fail, and then you will only have to go to the service center. At home, you will not be able to solve the problem. Even so-called visiting masters won’t do anything.

And if they do, it will soon have to be done again. Well, if only the chip, and they won’t break anything else along the way. These guys should not be trusted, because a large number of tools and testers have to be used in the work, which is simply impossible to take with you. And, at a minimum, the work should be done in a clean room.

The strange behavior of the screen may be due to its damage or a malfunction of the video chip.

How often does a MacBook break down?

Most computers, including MacBooks, fail because of the users themselves. Ignoring constant overheating, liquid spills, frequent drops, and poor quality charging accessories – all this leads to damage that sometimes can only be repaired at a service center.

At the same time, as strange as it may seem, the specialists of the Apple Pro service center share with us tips on how to avoid many problems so that we tell you about them, and you do not have to wear the dealing with the repair of expensive equipment.

Here, as with health, the main thing is prevention. And if something happened, only direct hands, which, excuse me, grow in the right places, can solve the problems.