Best Instagram App on Mac – Flume Review

Flume Review: Flume is an application designed for macOS with excellent features, which are worth buying and calving on our mac. Flume for all it presents is the best application for instagram on mac, know its features:

Let us find out Flume Review & Features

Flume the best app for instagram on mac

Upload photos and videos

With Flume, you can upload photos and videos directly from your mac without installing anything extra. It has many filters and adjustments as we know them from instagram for mobile such as straighten, brightness, contrast etc.

Multiple Accounts Pro Version

Accept multiple accounts, up to 5 Instagram accounts you can manage with Flume. Besides Instagram accounts, you can link accounts from: Facebook, Twitter, tumblr and more.


Get stats on your posts and followers, promote your posts for greater reach of visits (requires business profile).

Direct Messages

Chat with your friends, customers and fans, share your profiles, messages, hashtags, favorite places and much more.


See your latest activity (likes, comments and which friends are on instagram). The flow can be adjusted in time by every minute, every 5 min, every 15 min, every half hour or every 1 hour. You can hide photos, videos and choose whether you want to see the author or play the video when you hover over the post.


Get notifications for posts, likes, and more right on your Mac desktop. In the preferences menu, you can configure which notifications are displayed as: new comments, new posts, new activity, new posts, follower request.

Elegant design
Flume the best app for instagram on mac features a sleek design so that you focus all attention on photos or videos. Compatible with dark mode style Mojave allows you to hide post details and change the font size.

Original size

With flume, you can view the photos or videos in their original size and high resolution without losing quality, by simply pressing the space key, the photo or video opens a separate window for better viewing. It has a collection section where the content we saved is hosted.

Advanced search.

You can search by users, hashtags, locations or bookmark them for quick search access.

Popular content

Explore popular content and find user suggestions to follow. In the view menu, you can switch to the previous or next tab to continue exploring.


Supports VoiceOver and keyboard navigation. The menu can be configured to show the options you select: Feed, Like, Browse, Search, Activity, Conversations, Profile. It has many functions directly with the keyboard and allows copying, cutting, pasting, deleting and saving drafts.

Language Translator

Offers translation for international fans. Flume is available in 25 languages ​​and includes voiceOver and TouchBar support.


You can swipe on the trackpad, magic mouse or magic trackpad to navigate.

Integration with macOS

Flume the best app for instagram on mac, it natively integrates with mac, you can share content via email, messages, notes, open in safari or copy url. In General, you can select whether Flume opens when you start macOS or whether labels are shown in the Touch Bar, as well as clear cache, among other options.

Flume the best app for instagram on mac It is a very complete application, it is worth having it, we invite you to try it or buy it in its PRO version.

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