Facebook will Soon Allow You to Have Multiple Profiles

Facebook will Soon Allow You to Have Multiple Profiles: Facebook will soon allow you to create multiple profiles on a single personal account.

The social network Facebook has launched several tests so that users can have more than one profile associated with the same account with the intention of separating particular topics or content for each specific profile.

This test was performed with a select user group who have been authorized to create four additional profiles, in which they can put the name they want, on the sole condition of not adding special characters or numbers. However, the person’s original profile must have the real name of the user.

A company spokesperson confirmed this information through a statement via TechCrunch, where he revealed that this option will allow users to have a profile dedicated to different groups of people, jobs, and family members, and organize their interests in each profile additional profiles will also be subject to Facebook rules and policies if a user violates these laws, he will receive a sanction in all your profiles.

However, this new feature goes against current company policies since Facebook does not allow you to have more than one personal account.

This movement results from the loss of users suffered by the company, as well as the drastic profit reduction experienced by the company since February when its actions dropped 20%seeing the revenue it generates dwindle, coupled with that the loss of users who have switched to other platforms like Tik Tok.

For this reason, Facebook has set itself the task of finding new ways to meet the needs of its users so that they do not have to resort to competition since the theft of users that the company has recorded is very important, that’s why it launched this function which remains we do not know when it will be officially implemented for all users.

Facebook will Soon Allow You to Have Multiple Profiles, but Why?

Facebook changed its name to Meta in a bid to be the first social network to tackle the Metaverse

Facebook took this action in an attempt to stop the massive migration of your users to other competing platforms, so you activate this feature to bring an interesting and varied touch to your platform, both monotonies resulted in a decrease in the interaction of Internet users with the social network.

Also, the social network seeks to capture new users in order to reduce the loss margins that they have had recently, because since the company changed its name to Meta and ventured into this Metaverse, it had to make large investments, so it cannot afford to continue to have overwhelming user leaks.

However, most users seem to be more determined to leave the social network than to return to said platform.

It remains to be seen whether with these new measures will solve this crisis that Facebook is currently going through, since it has caused a strong impact, both financially, and the loss of confidence of its users, due to the controversies in which he was involved.