Ezoic Review? Is Ezoic Legit

I’ll explain it to you in a very simple way: Ezoic is a platform similar to Google Adsense but, at the same time, quite different.

I have had Ezoic in a new SEO niche for 6 months, and in this article, I intend to answer this question:

Is Ezoic better than Google Adsense when monetizing our passive income?

For that, I am going to tell you all the positive points and all the negative points about the use of this platform.

Even though my articles are always focused on SEO, this time, I’m going for the monetization side.

Because I feel that this article is necessary.
Everyone talks about Google Adsense and creating niches in Adsense, but we must create our “Ezoic niches.”
With this, I am already giving you a clue of what I think of the Ezoic vs. Adsense fight.

How did I discover this ad platform?

I discovered it a while ago thanks to several YouTubers and Twitter who talked about SEO and were able to test the tool.

It is good to hear what others do to position their websites because we can always learn new strategies and continue to improve. We all have something to contribute.

I didn’t dare to test it until I saw several tutorials and success stories claiming to earn much more money with Ezoic than with Google.

I want to tell you all about this ad platform because it can take you from earning a few dollars to earning hundreds. And that is an experience that I have had.

So let’s start reviewing everything this ad network has to offer us.

What is Ezoic?

Ezoic is a platform that concentrates on providing the best advertisements for visitors. In this way, you, the website owner, can earn money and visitors find ads relevant to their interests.

You may be wondering: And isn’t that what Google Adsense does?
Yes, in part, yes, but Ezoic is obsessed with optimization, and that is why it allows you to:

· Edit in detail where your ads will be displayed and choose the sizes.
· Automate the number of ads and set different parameters focused on good UX.
· Increase your profit.

is Ezoic worth it?

Before starting to review all the good things about Ezoic, it seemed essential to me to comment on its only disadvantage: to use it, you must exceed 10,000 monthly visits to your website. But now, they removed these things.
Another thing that could become a disadvantage is that its installation and configuration, at first, are pretty complex. 
But I will guide you step by step (Very Easy, believe me)

Ezoic Requirements / Simple Set Up Process

1. The first step is to go to Get Started on your main page.
2. Complete the information requested: the website you want to enter Ezoic, email, password, and your region
3. Check your email account
4. Here comes the complicated part: to be accepted in Ezoic usually takes several days and several email exchanges. Also, you may have already registered your account, but you also need to integrate with Ezoic:
·        Cloudflare
·        Your WordPress
·        Google Adsense
·        Google Analytics

Ezoic Set Up Tutorial

How to add website in Ezoic?

Check All your website here

How to set up Ezoic?

How to set up DNS?

Replace Name Server with Ezoic one

Change Name Server with Domain Provider

PS: I have set up in NameCheap

Click on Custom DNS, replace with Ezoic Nameserver and click on ✓

Once you done it, then wait for Ezoic reply.

PS: Alternatively, you can install Ezoic plugin

Ezoic Tutorial: Its Functionalities

Ezoic continues to optimize itself daily to offer its users the best proposals (so much so that a new interface recently came to light), which is why it wants to explore each of the corners of this platform.

The new interface allows you to access a panel to see all your websites monetizing with Ezoic, see reports and make design, SEO, privacy, and speed adjustments.

The platform has apps or applications with which you can test and improve your website; you can configure Cloudflare, an SSL certificate, see caching issues, and many other things.

But perhaps the most important thing is the Ad Tester. With the Ad Tester, you can place ads in different parts of your website and optimize them for each mobile, tablet, or desktop device.

Install Ezoic Chrome to integrate your ads,
After installing an extension, you have to log in with your account
Make sure you are not logged in WordPress site
Click on Activate placeholder, and you can create a placeholder

How much does Ezoic Pay?

PS: You can get idea, how much ezoic pay for 1000 views?

There are lots of Settings and functions that cannot be included in 1 blog.

I am trying to add maximu

Ezoic Review and Tutorial


  • NATIVE AD UNITS (Choose between PG-13 (highest paid) & PG)


Configure with Leap where you can control your core web vital and site speed

Video & Humix

Where you can upload videos and configure with Youtube and import videos and earn extra money. By the way, they have introduced text to video option, where you can generate video from your article. Hence it is in beta version, so not available for everyone.


Find broken links


You can find everything here, like revenue and page traffic. In simple language, we can say that” Adsense+ Google Analytics.”

In this panel you will find:
Daily, weekly and monthly reports of your income.
Your income according to devices.
See in real time the active users and the earnings they are leaving.
Analytics traffic reports but with detailed earnings indicators.
Carry out experiments.
Understand demographic, language and location aspects of users.
Learn from user behavior.
Obtain metrics of your content for its optimization.
Reports to improve the user experience of your page.

How much does ezoic cost?

If you want to join, then there is no cost but Google Adsense required.

What is the processor to get Payments?

  • PayPal
  • Prepaid card through Payoneer
  • Wire transfer

Double Your Income by using Ezoic

I think it is worth using the ad platform and researching everything you can about it.
In the beginning, and as I said, within the disadvantages, its configuration is quite cumbersome, but after Ezoic optimizes and establishes itself within your niche is when the most rewards are obtained.