Everything you need to start a “low cost” podcast to promote your business

Podcasts are a fantastic tool to market your business. If you are starting from scratch, you can start streaming with these elements.


A podcast can be a great opportunity to get your business out there. Do you know why? Very simple because you can retain your audience if you generate quality content. And that’s what it’s all about, that they have the illusion of listening to what interests them. 

It is not necessary to make a large or high investment to start a podcast. No need for an expensive microphone or mixer. With a little ingenuity and enthusiasm, you already have more than enough. This article will tell you what you need to start your podcast, “low cost to be a reality. Do you dare to find out?

A Podcast to Promote Your Business

If you want to start streaming right away, all you need is a cell phone or tablet with a podcast app. Yes, it is possible to create your podcast with just that. Perhaps one of the most interesting applications to use with your mobile is Anchor. 

Thanks to it, you can start streaming for free on Spotify, a good showcase to publicize everything your business offers. If you are curious and don’t want to spend anything right now, try downloading Anchor on your device. It is available for iOS and Android. But let’s face it, the more resources we put into it, the better the results we will achieve. You can, if your pocket allows it, 

Make a small investment with which you get better results. 

Before you take the plunge and start buying what you need, you better start streaming directly from the app and your mobile or tablet. If you see that there is good feedback and you will be able to generate frequent content, leap to improve your podcast creation set.

Microphone, You’ll get much better sound quality than speaking directly into your cellphone’s microphone. No matter how good your device is, the microphone is an added value. 

You have to keep in mind that if the microphone does not have a USB connector, which will be the most common. You will have to buy an adapter cable from the three-pin plug to the USB port on your machine. 

It’s not an expensive accessory. For less than 20 $ you have a good variety of XLR to USB connection cables.  

But let’s move on to the microphone, which is an important factor in achieving audio quality. It is an investment that has an immediate return, and it is because you will notice that the quality of the recordings increases exponentially. 

It would help if you kept in mind that the place where you are doing the podcast should be as quiet as possible. It doesn’t have to be soundproofed like in a radio studio, but it does have to be a room that’s kept soundproof while your episodes are being recorded.

How to know if your business needs a podcast or not.

The microphone we recommend is ideal as a starting point. Its price does not reach 40 $. It has a USB connection, so you save the adapter cable, and it also comes with an integrated tripod for the table and a protective screen that will improve the audio quality. 

Microphones are categorized differently depending on how they pick up sound, this type is cardioid, and this is perhaps the most appropriate for making a podcast. This ensures natural sound reception while background noise is minimized.


You probably already have headphones. They are not essential to making a podcast, but they help when isolating yourself from outside noise. 

If you want headphones of a much better headband type, which have a good result and which are not expensive, the AKG proposal that we leave you below is tempting. It is very comfortable to use and with an irresistible price since they do not reach $ 30. Indeed, these are not top headphones, but you will not need much more to make a podcast.

Video Camera

The podcast format doesn’t have to be audio-only. If you stream it in video format on YouTube, you will be providing an additional service. You probably have a cell phone with which you can videotape the podcast; it may be worth it. Keep in mind that you will need a tripod to be able to let it record without anyone needing to have the phone. But if your podcast is starting to take off, the investment in a video camera is more than justified.

This device has the appeal of its price, 84 $. Right now, you won’t need anything that gives you better quality, nor will you have to use some of the cameras that the YouTubers are better known for. 

If your podcast is a hit and considering investing, go for it. As you can verify with only these articles, you can give your broadcasts a much more professional touch. In this way, you surely retain your audience.

Finally, It would be best to keep in mind that every podcast has an editing process. Adjust parts that did not go well, make cuts or insert header and exit melody. 

You have a multitude of programs that you can use on your computer, but perhaps the one that gives the best results because of its angelic possibilities and free is Audacity. It is a very intuitive software that will allow you to make all the adjustments that you deem necessary for your podcast. 

A podcast is always an incentive when it comes to publicizing your business. As you have been able to verify, a very high investment is not necessary for your project to acquire much more professional shades. 

The allure of generating this type of content can be the difference between your business or business going unnoticed or having a large following ready to listen.