What is Dead by Daylight? How to Play it?

What is Dead by Daylight?

Dead by Daylight is a multi-platform bestseller developed and inspired by many horror movies. The multiplayer game has brought together a vast community of players since 2016. 

Once started, a group of innocent people arrive at a place dedicated to different movies. The most famous association with Dead By Daylight is “Friday the 13th”, with Jason Voorhees using his iconic machete to hunt down victims. 

The purpose of the people lies in surviving the horror that endlessly roams the area. The exit is blocked, so you have to be stealthy and careful while finding escape solutions. 

Dead by Daylight is not a plot game but a fun way to entertain yourself with friends. The killers and locations in the game are constantly being updated with new patches that add a ton of new things to play with. 

Dead by Daylight also has something to say about the graphics: based on Unreal Engine 4 and developed by experienced people, they won’t let you lose the feeling of presence, that something is lurking behind as you raise its deadly weapon. 

Unfortunately, although the game has made its way to many operating systems, it is still available on Mac systems. 

Dead by Daylight Announces Collaboration With Attack on Titan

In a few weeks, Dead will be celebrating its sixth anniversary in broad daylight, and even though so many years have passed, it will continue to receive new content. Its more than 50 million players will soon be able to enjoy new exclusive content, such as the collaboration with Attack on Titan.

All the details on the collaboration with Attack on Titan

This week, Behavior Interactive announced a new attack on titan crossover, bringing characters from the anime to the action video game. In this collaboration, the characters will undergo skin changes since, as they announced:

  • Dwight will become Erin from Attack on Titan.
  • Zarina will become Hange.
  • The Oni will become the Armored Titan.

Behaviour announced that the collection would consist of 10 skins, so if one of your favourite characters isn’t among the 3 reveals this week, there’s still a chance they’ll be released.

Although new characters have been added to the game in other crossovers, they are just skins for Dead by Daylight characters this time. Since the release, we don’t know a specific date, but the development company has assured us that it will be Coming soon.

These collaborations are excellent news for video game fans, but few of them know that they can participate in the choice of associations. In case you didn’t know, the creators of Dead by Daylight are investigating what people would like to see every year. 

Last year’s Attack on Titan was among the most searched crossovers so you can recommend your most anticipated collabs.

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