How to Create Twitch Polls for Your Viewers?

How to Create Twitch Polls for Your Viewers? One of the things that makes Twitch a great streaming platform is the ability to communicate with your favorite streamers. Or vice versa. The streamer can read his viewers in real-time. comments in the chat, surprise subscriptions, emoticons and badges… And then there are the Twitch polls.

Creating polls is easy and will help you learn more about your audience. And for its part, voting in the polls is one more way of interacting with your streamer’s reference.

the subject of an investigation that you want to create executions on your behalf. You can ask what games you should play in your next live or what topics to cover in your streams, ask your subscribers how their day is going, what their favorite movie is, or which streamer you should try group streaming or guest with on your channel.

Creating Twitch polls is relatively easy. Plus, any of your viewers will be able to vote in your polls. Of course, there is an obligation to do polls on your channel: you will have to be a member or affiliate. To be, you have to be an active diffuser have a minimum of broadcasting hours and followers and thus be able to apply to become an affiliate and, later, a partner.

How to Create Twitch Polls for Your Viewers?

Let’s say you have a Twitch channel. You are a member or affiliate and wish to ask your audience something. You can do this life and wait for them to respond in chat. But if you have many subscribers, it will be difficult for you to order these replies. Better to create polls with a limited number of responses. then you will see the most voted option just now.

If you want to create polls, you will need to go to the Twitch control panel. Since stream manager, you will have access to the usual options in the form of shortcuts. The first time you will need to click Create a new survey (Create a new poll). From now on, just click on the new investigation (New poll). In the list of shortcuts, if you meet the requirements, you will see a shortcut called Manage the survey (Manage the poll). From this shortcut, you can also create polls to display on your channel.