She Hulks: Could there be a Cameo of the Lawyer in the Series?

future arrival of she hulks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe opens up different possibilities. Not only because of the most obvious, the presentation of a new character, which is linked to Pontoonbut also to incorporate into the story a dynamic that is usually not so marked within these stories: litigation, where Matt Mudock emerges.

Yes OK she hulks has not yet been released, the trailer for the series invites us to think that a good part of the story will be centered on the work of the protagonist, Jennifer Walters, who is a lawyer. She, in turn, is a woman cultivating different areas of her life when an accident causes her to become like her cousin, Hulk, due to a blood transfusion (according to the comics). She becomes more than just a lawyer; she became a lawyer in and out of court.

This characteristic suggests that his profession could facilitate the presentation of a colleague who, within the fandom comic books and adaptations of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is highly regarded. Matt Murdock, who, it should be remembered, is also a lawyer, could appear again in she hulks.

Daredevil in she hulks: is it doable?

In the comics, Daredevil and She-Hulk have crossed paths on more than one occasion. On some occasions showing off their alter egos and on others practicing their profession in the courts. If one could think that one and the other defended the same causes, it was not always so: on several occasions, they found themselves on opposite paths. That’s why it’s legitimate to imagine that they could cross paths in one of the next Marvel series.

This lore and the character’s most recent appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe during Spider-Man: No Coming Home, could lead to a new Daredevil cameo, before the arrival of its own series within Disney Plus. Within a history where legal disputes seem to abound, what better context to introduce one of comics’ most famous lawyers, Matt Murdock?

She-Hulk will have as one of its arguments the creation of a division of superhuman rights. A regulation intended to regulate, once again, the sharing of the different heroes. Where is Jennifer Walters from? Seen the seen, they propose to him to direct this department. We suspect that a possible crossover with Matt Murdock could come from there.

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There is no estimated date yet for the Daredevil series. Taking into account the reaction when adding Spider-Man: No Coming Home and all the turmoil surrounding his departure from Netflix, it seems like a good time to continue cultivating his story within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.