Copy and paste text from Android to Windows

Copy and paste text from Android to Windows

One of the most striking aspects of this is the universal clipboard in the Apple ecosystem. Many of us wish we could copy something to our iPhone or Android mobile, and then paste it into our Word document open in Windows with the touch of a button. However, many believe that this is only possible between iOS and Mac, but the reality is different. Here we will show you how to paste what you copied from Android and iPhone to Windows and vice versa.

How to Paste in Windows what was copied in iPhone and Android, and vice versa?

Of course, in the case of iOS, we won’t be able to use Universal Clipboard, but that doesn’t mean there’s no way. With Android, however, the process is much simpler, and what you have to do is follow our procedure. In a few minutes, you will have everything correctly configured.

We will leave you several methods so that you can create your own version of Universal Clipboard but on Windows. For some Android phones, Windows offers near-native support for copying and pasting between devices; although you have to take the test first.

Copy and paste text from Android to Windows, and vice versa

The first method we will try today will be the Your Phone app. The latter is already included in Windows, and we can download it on Android to connect our mobile to the computer. Once you have downloaded it on your mobile, do it and open it to start setting it up with your computer.

If you already have everything ready, follow these steps to enable a cross-device clipboard.

  1. open the app on Your phone on Windows.
  2. Enter the section Settings.
  3. Here, go to the specifications.
  4. If your mobile is compatible, activate the function Copy and paste across multiple devices.
  5. Now you just need to go to your android mobile and copy some text.
  6. hurry Control + V to paste the copied Android to your Windows computer.
  7. Ready.

If everything works correctly, it means that your mobile is clearly compatible with this feature. If on the contrary, you have not managed to activate it or make it work on your Android, there are still other ways to achieve this.

Method 2 – Use Swiftkey Keyboard on Android

As of Swiftkey version, the app has been updated to include the ability to interface the clipboard between devices. This way you only have to download the application on android and configure it to use the shared cloud with Windows 10 and 11.

Once you’ve done that, you can start copying on one device and pasting on another without too many problems. Just do the following:

  1. Enter the application of quick key on your Android device.
  2. Open the settings section.
  3. Here, go to the enriched entry.
  4. Then enter Clipboard and activate Sync clipboard history.

Now, the second part of this configuration runs on Windows 10 and 11.

  1. Come into the Setting of Windows.
  2. Go to topic System.
  3. Clipboard.
  4. asset clipboard history Yes Share on all devices.

Once you have everything configured, the Swiftkey cloud will do the rest. From then on, you can copy on one device and paste on the other.

Copy and Paste Text from iPhone to Windows, and Vice Versa

Unfortunately, on iPhone it’s not as simple as on Android; however, it is not impossible either. Of course, you won’t be able to simply copy on one device and paste on the other, you will have to use an application that will act as a mediator to store the texts that you want to transfer to Windows, and vice versa.

With an application called MagicCopy, you can copy texts to your iPhone and transfer them to your Windows computer; and it works the other way too. You just need to follow this procedure:

  1. To download MagicCopy For windows.
  2. Sign up using your email.
  3. Now download the app on your iPhone and open it.
  4. Log in using the same credentials as in Windows.
  5. Once inside, just touch the button Editing at the top right to paste the text you want to transfer to Windows.

Ready. Sure, doesn’t work as well as Android versions, or as Universal Control between Mac and iOS. However, there are options to overcome the barrier between operating systems a bit.