4 Cool Apple Inventions You Might Not Know About

Cool Apple Inventions:  Recently, it was learned that since 2000, Apple has filed and published more than 248 car-related patents. Given that the company took over the vehicle around 2014, the number of patents suggests that work is being done on it. However, as with other devices: Apple has a lot of great inventions that have yet to be implemented in devices. Probably, innovations await us in the coming years, as the Cupertinians dose them carefully, trying not to spill out of the cornucopia as other manufacturers do. We dug into Apple’s patents and found a few quite interesting ones. Let’s talk about them.

Apple has some really Cool Apple Inventions.

Let’s find out what

Unlock Apple Watch

Apple has already developed a fairly convenient and reliable means of unlocking – Face ID. True, it also has its drawbacks: the scanner did not recognize the user in the mask for a long time. Apple was so dragged with this that they didn’t add this feature until the end of the pandemic. However, the company has other ways to improve: one of the company’s patents is vein pattern recognition. This will improve the algorithm so that your twin could not unlock iPhone.

Face ID can get cooler!

However, this invention is more aimed at the Apple Watch: for example, the optical sensor will be able to recognize the veins of the armed person or other distinctive traits. And what a very good thing! True, there is a nuance: the invention probably did not take into account the presence of skin lesions (scars and wounds), tattoos, and moles, therefore, in theory, all this can work one little askew.

However, Oppo and LG already have such an analog: the system builds a map of veins and records their thickness to confirm identity. On the smartphone, it will be possible to “illuminate” the palm with a powerful flashlight. Again, there is no data on when the technology will become mainstream.

iPhone Screen Frequency

Agree, 120 Hz on the screen is a rather impractical solution.

One of the patents describes an unusual display technology related to screening refresh rate. Apple wants to develop such a screen so that it can display different refresh rates in different parts of the display. Why is it necessary? It’s very simple: let’s say your screen is operating at 120 Hz. This indicator has a significant impact on the battery discharge rate.

But what if 120Hz is only in the area of ​​the screen you’re using? As you remember, the entire screen area of ​​a smartphone is not put to good use. Therefore, it will only work correctly where you touch it at this time. As a result, the battery will last longer.

Smart Alarm Clock for iPhone

another interesting invention of apple is associated with sleep monitoring. So you can set an alarm and get enough sleep. This, of course, is similar to iPhone sleep mode, however, here you set the right time to wake up. This patent is to make the iPhone or Apple Watch track your bedtime and move your wake-up time. For example, if you went to bed at 11:00 p.m. and did not fall asleep until 12:00 a.m., the alarm clock will not ring at 7:00 a.m., but at 8:00 a.m.

In the bowels of Apple Park, they know how to improve an alarm clock

It is indeed the smart alarm clock of the first generation of Mi Band, which pissed off many! Of course, all of this, unlike a fitness bracelet, is customizable. In addition, the patent implies that the smartphone will remember your daily habits before going to bed: browsing social networks, reading books, listening to music, etc. Thus, it will know that you are going to bed soon, and will offer you to set the wake-up time yourself or to do it automatically if you ignore the setting.

Apple Smart Glasses – Features

Pro Apple Virtual Reality Glasses there are so many rumors that behind all of them we forget the functions of the device. What are they for? Well, let’s say for life in the metaverse. Apple virtual reality headsets can be used in autonomous and unmanned vehicles where all people are passengers. According to Apple, virtual reality can also help with driving and even get rid of car windows because they are not safe by default.

The glasses will replace the windows of your car. It’s more interesting and safer

The passenger is also said to be able to customize the preferences they wish to experience, such as requesting a relaxing or exciting environment. In addition, a VR headset will help determine how you are feeling: this will help avoid accidents since all data on the driver’s well-being will be in view of other passengers.

Apple also has some pretty weird inventions. About what Apple came up with and, fortunately, did not bring to life, read our article.