Clipchamp, The New Free Video Editor for Windows 11

Clipchamp – The abandon windows movie maker by Microsoft is one of those controversial decisions by the Redmond giant that has drawn the most criticism. The list is joined by other iconic names such as Messenger Is Hotmailrespectively replaced by Skype Yes Outlook.

The free video editor for Windows started a trend and there was no reason to expect that it would no longer be the default in Microsoft’s flagship operating system. But clipchamp He wants to end the controversy.

Clipchamp, The New Free Video Editor for Windows 11

Even though Windows Movie Maker left of Windows, it is undeniable that video is becoming more and more important. In addition, the most popular social networks, such as TikTok, Instagram Is Twitter, are video-based. Therefore, it is inevitable that any operating system must offer a video editing tool. In the case of Windows, the void is filled by ClipChamp, an online video editor that it acquired last year and which will be integrated as one more application.

Enjoy clipchamp on your computer, you will need to update Windows 11 to its latest version. Once updated, in the start menu You will find the Clipchamp application among those officially offered by Windows. Once opened, you will be able to edit videos for free from your PC. And if you still don’t see the app or aren’t using Windows 10, you can install it for free from the Microsoft Store.

Before You Begin, it’s Time to Register.

Like any self-respecting web application, clipchamp It asks us to register to start using it. And basically the app works connected to internet. Fortunately, signing up is easy. You can enter an email address or enjoy your Google or Microsoft credentials. You can also choose the app language from the list. By default, in English, although it is also available in Spanish or Portuguese.

Once registered, we can now log in and start editing the video. A small “price” to pay for using this free video editor for Windows. More than anything because, for now, the tool is as it is its web version. Which, by the way, is still available for all supported platforms and devices, even if you’re not using Windows.

An editor you will be familiar with

If something works, why change it? And if we talk about tools and software, if something goes well, the competition will eventually integrate it. This is why apps of the same type look so similar. And that’s why when you open the video editor of clipchamp it will be familiar to you. A sidebar to add resources to the timeline (text, videos, images, backgrounds, transitions…), the timeline itself, a preview of the video, thumbnails of the content you will add to the video and a series of editing actions (transformation, filters, colors, speed, audio…).

Come on, as soon as you messed with it online video editors or desktop applications like Windows Movie Maker or newer applications like Movavi, Openshot, Lightworks or Adobe Premiere, you will find everything in its place. And if it’s your first time, it won’t cost you too much to find every option. Everything is in sight. No complicated menus.

Screen, camera or do we throw actions?

Another big advantage of clipchamp is that you can choose where the content you will show in your videos comes from. You can use your own videos, stored in the cloud or on your computer. Or transfer videos from your phone. But it is also possible record a video instantly with your PC camera, record your desktop for make a screencast or, as a last resort, use stock videos.

More specifically, the stock of clipchamp It consists of more than a million elements between videos, images, songs and other sounds. Although to have access to all this you will need a paid Premium account, which you can free trial for one month.

Not only that. if you don’t dare edit videos from scratch, you can come to the aid of the templates, designed to cover any need or video format. For example, there is a specific section for YouTube or Twitch so that edit gameplay videos with reaction and others. so you can combine already recorded videos with gameplays that you generate instantly and your reaction recorded with your computer’s camera.

On the other hand, one of the most innovative features of this Windows Movie Maker replacement video editor is that it allows you to add voiceover from written text. Like the voice of TikTok but using an artificial intelligence capable of play 170 voices in 70 languages. It’s hard not to find one you like, so you don’t have to put your own voice in your videos.

Edit video like a puzzle

Otherwise, the editing process of clipchamp he has no secrets. The timeline makes it easy to edit the video. You will be able to cut, assemble, rearrange fragments, etc. Then you can add audio tracks and do the same. And, what’s more, spice it all up with on-screen titles or text messages, transitions, and whatever else comes your way.

Once you have assembled the puzzle including all the pieces (video, images, text, audio, effects, transitions), all you have to do is press the button Export for the final video to be generated. The one you are going to download to YouTubeLinkedIn Is pinterest. These are the official options, but manually you can also opt for Instagram, Tik Tok Is Vimeoamong many other possibilities.

And if you’re concerned about video quality, you can choose between 480p, the standard resolution, or opt for High Definition (780p) or Full HD (1080p). Note that for more video quality, the more space the resulting file will occupy. But, in return, you will offer better quality to your followers, whether they see you from TV or from smartphones.

In the end, Microsoft took it easy. Why develop a new tool like this free video editor for Windows if you can get a video editor that already exists and meets the needs of the majority. If you are looking for a professional video editor, you may be missing some features of applications such as Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro, or even Windows Movie Maker. But in a context where any social network like ICT Tac Is instagram integrate their own video editor, clipchamp performs more than its functions as a home video editor. Both in Windows 10 and Windows 11. Although it requires you to be logged in to work.

Remember that to use clipchamp on your computer, you will need to update Windows 11 to its latest version. Once updated, in the start menu you will find the Clipchamp app like any other. And if you still don’t see the app or don’t use Windows 10you can install it for free from the Microsoft Store.