Are you a Mobile Addict? Checky App Will help you Know

Have you ever wondered if you are a mobile addict? AND how many times do you unlock it throughout the day? Today we leave you with a very simple and very useful application to know how addicted you are to mobile or the use you make on a daily basis. It is an application which count the number of times you unlock your device to use it. It does just that: count daily unlocks. This figure will let you know how addicted are you to mobile and compare your progress day by day in case you want to get rid of the device.

Checky App: To know how many times you unlock your mobile

The app we have chosen is Checky. It’s the easiest on Google Play and doesn’t ask for permissions of any kind for scan your entire smartphone. Other apps of this type give you information about app usage and other settings, but in return they ask you to access whatever is happening on your mobile.

To know how many times you unlock your mobile, you need to download Checky from Google Play, install it and run it. Enough with that: a From there, it will count the number of times you unlock your mobile daily.

You can check the number or forget about the app and check it several times during the month. Sure, Checky records the history of unlocks logs for the past few weeks, so you can see their progress.

It’s not an app that does the essentials, but it weighs little and can give you an idea of how much do you use your mobile daily. You’ll probably be surprised how many times you unlock your phone at the end of the day. So, are you a mobile addict?

Download Checky App from Google Play Store