Can a MacBook Pro M1 be Upgraded with the M2 Chip?

One of the great advantages of Windows computers over Macs is that essential parts like the CPU can be upgraded or the graphics card. This is not possible on the Mac in most cases, although people are responsible for doing this type of project with Apple products.

An example of YouTuber luke mini, known for “creating” and “transforming” Apple products into something more advanced (like the 27-inch iMac studio display). Now that the MacBook Pro M2 has arrived, the YouTuber showed us a video answering the question, Can a MacBook Pro M1 be upgraded with the M2 chip?

Can the processor of the MacBook Pro be changed? This video will answer it

Can a MacBook Pro M1 be Upgraded with the M2 Chip?

Apple launched its new MacBook Pro with an M2 chip. One of the first impressions we had with this device is that it is exactly the same as its version M1whose only difference is in the processor of each.

This could be confirmed thanks to the new video of the YouTuber Luke Miani, who showed the components of both devices and they are exactly the same. For this reason, the content creator has taken it upon himself to show his audience if it is possible to update the processors. We leave you the video below:

Despite the similarities and technical precision, failed to upgrade from the M1 chip to the M2 chip, at least for now. Indeed, the computer does not turn on and even hangs, such as when you want to change the Touch ID component on Apple devices.

Miami was able to change the components again, and the computers turned on without a hitch. The conclusion of the Youtuber is that these parts are possibly protected by serial numbers, which prevents them from being exchanged in various workshops, although he believes that with more knowledge this feat can be achieved.