Best Tricks for Brawl Stars

The fast and fun combat system of brawl stars makes the game easy to learn and play, but hard to master. Each character has different abilities, stats, and weapons that open up endless possibilities for strategy.

However, there are certain strategies that will make you a much better fighter overall, no matter what character you like to play.

brawl stars It has four main game modes: Smash & Grab, Heist, Showdown, and Bounty, each with a different objective. I’m going to give you some useful tips and tricks for each mode to become the best fighter you can be, including how to get Brawl Stars free gems.

Check the Best Tricks for Brawl Stars

Make the Most of Modifiers

To date, there are 4 different modifier combinations in brawl stars. Players can choose not to play any modifiers; it can be a little boring, but it’s consistent and predictable, which is good for beginners.

You can choose the Energy Drink (or ED) modifier, which is an incredibly random modifier. The energy drink occasionally spawns in a random location on the map and gives the player who drinks it double the damage it normally deals and a 200-speed boost.

If you see one or more players using ED, my suggestion is to stay low, camp near the borders, and wait for them to face full Rambo. Once the dust has settled, head out and finish off the survivors. It might seem like a loose approach, but when you’re going up against a group of enemies on steroids, it’s best to play smart.

When playing with the Angry Robo mod, a huge robot will appear and attack the nearest Brawler, even if it is hiding in a bush. When the Robo is defeated, the player who defeated him will receive three Power Cubes, which will make his life much easier.

Note that the robot never appears on the middle five tiles.

Healing Mushrooms is a great mod, but not if you’re playing Showdown solo, so messing with them is pointless. The reason this mod is not good for solo matches is that it generates healing green mushrooms to any player close to them by 1k HP per second, causing the game to drag on too long.

Finally, we have the Meteor Shower modifier, which, as the name suggests, rains meteors down on players. They can drop just about anywhere on the map and deal 2,000 damage to any brawlers they hit, knocking them back and destroying obstacles. Meteors also interrupt any attacks or supers the brawler uses, so stay away from them. I really don’t think this mod is ideal for solo matches.

Get those Power Cubes

As soon as the match starts, head for the power cube crates, preferably the ones no one is paying attention to. If you can, collect a significant amount as this will give you a huge power boost in the game.

If you don’t feel like opening the Power Cubes early on, be aware that you can use these boxes to hide behind. That way, when opponents try to hit you, they’ll attack the box instead, and you can run and pick up the Power Cube, giving you the advantage. However, don’t try it against Brawlers that can attack multiple targets at once, like Tara, Sandy, or Penny.

Watch out for the Bushes

Whenever you want to control a bush, make sure to keep some distance because an enemy brawler might hide there to jump on you. It’s best to keep a safe distance until you’re sure the bush is safe unless you want to catch an enemy who may already have power cubes in their possession. And if you’re playing a close-range brawler, I recommend staying completely out of the bushes.

Keep a Safe Distance

Last but not least my individual Showdown tips brawl stars is to keep a safe distance. This one is for long-range brawlers. Taunt other Brawlers to fight you, preferably short or mid-range Brawlers, while staying away from combat.

Attack brawlers from a distance, forcing them into dangerous areas, such as the poison cloud or places where other players are fighting there.

It took me a while to start surviving and thriving (and winning) consistently in Solo Showdowns, but I learned a lot from others playing against them. I believe that if you follow these six tips for the solo showdown in brawl stars you will be a better player or at least a better-prepared player.

Free Gems

The only way to get free gems in Brawl Stars is with the boxes, which can be purchased with the gems themselves and obtained by advancing in our scores. As we mentioned before, in Brawl Stars there are three types of boxes: brawl boxes, large boxes and mega boxes. The first is the easiest to obtain, while the large and mega boxes will hit us less regularly.

However, the probability of obtaining gems increases the more difficult it is to obtain them; above all, the mega boxes will give us more gems than the big boxes, and the latter than the brawl boxes.