Bluehost Hosting Review: Is it Worth?

Do you run a blog and need a reliable, secure, cost-effective hosting service? If you answered this question, you might want to check out Bluehost hosting.

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It is one of the most trusted and popular web hosts for bloggers and many other users. This Bluehost review will help you understand how trustworthy it is and if it’s the right choice for your website.

Note that this review is about their shared hosting plan, which does not allow users to have their domain names; only subdomains are allowed.

If you don’t know what other options are in the web hosting space, we will explain that afterward. Let’s get started with understanding whether it is worth giving them a try or not.

What is Bluehost?

Bluehost is an American web hosting company that specializes in hosting WordPress blogs. The company was founded by David Ash in 1999 as a solution for small business owners to create websites. 

Its parent company is WP Engine, which also serves other large brands like HubSpot and Refinery 29. Bluehost does not offer domain registration or any other hosting services. 

Their only service is to host WordPress blogs for you. You can share your WordPress blog with friends and family or use it for personal use. 

You can also use it for commercial purposes, like running a business. Bluehost has a range of shared, reseller, and dedicated hosting plans to choose from. 

Their shared hosting plans are suitable for small businesses, freelancers, and bloggers who do not require a lot of resources on their websites.

How do you sign up for Bluehost hosting?

If you want to start your blog, you can sign up for Bluehost without any hassles. Just visit their website, click the “create your account” link, and fill in the required information.

You will be asked to give a valid email address and create a password. Once you complete those steps, you will be redirected to the dashboard, where you can choose your hosting plan and start using their services.

How much does it cost to sign up for Bluehost?

Bluehost Hosting Review

The cheapest plan they provide is the shared hosting plan at $2.95 per month. For this plan, you can have as many websites on their hosting server as you want. But you can invite up to 10 people to use this account on your website simultaneously.

The next plan is the reseller plan at $10.95 per month, which allows you to have unlimited websites and 10 users for each account.

That’s pretty cheap if you are looking for a reliable and cost-effective hosting service. There are also higher plans like the VPS hosting at $39.95 per month, which is way too expensive for any blogger.

There is also the dedicated hosting plan at $59.95 per month, which is not worth considering for a small business owner. All the shared hosting plans are for one user only.

With the reseller plan, you can get a lower price if you sign up for more than one person.

Bluehost Hosting Plans

Bluehost Hosting Review

Bluehost Hosting Review


  • Affordable Plans: Bluehost offers affordable web hosting plans, especially for the shared plan. You can get a shared hosting account for as low as $2.95 per month. They also provide a shared hosting plan for one user at $4.95 per month. So, you can choose the best plan for your budget. This hosting plan is perfect for bloggers who want to start a blog and use it for personal use only.
  • Stable Hosting: Bluehost is one of the industry’s oldest and most reliable web hosting companies. They have been around since 1999 and have millions of customers worldwide. They have servers worldwide to provide a stable and reliable hosting experience.
  • Excellent Customer Support: Their customer support is excellent and available 24/7. You can contact them via live chat, phone, email, social media or any other method. You can also invite them to look at your website if they have suggestions.
  • Security: You can rest assured that your data is safe and secure on Bluehost. You can use their security tools, like the Sucuri WordPress security plugin, to ensure your site is secure. They also have a monthly comprehensive security audit to ensure you are safe.


  • No Domain Names: Unlike other web hosts, Bluehost does not allow you to use your domain names with their shared hosting plans. You can only use subdomains like You can use your subdomain with a different hosting service provider, like Google Domains
  • VPS Hosting at a Price – Many bloggers want to move to a VPS hosting plan but do not want to spend $39.95 monthly on it. Bluehost has a VPS hosting plan at $39.95 per month. But it is not recommended for bloggers, as it is way too expensive for the resources that you get on it
  • No Backup Service – Unlike other Namecheap, Bluehost does not provide a backup service for their shared hosting plans. So if something happens to your website and you lose all your data, you will have to wait until your hosting provider restores it.

Final Words

Bluehost promises to provide you with many resources on its shared hosting plans. You can have up to 10 websites or domains hosted on one server with them. You will also get 24/7 technical support for any issues you face on your website.

Their prices are also low, so you don’t have to worry about the budget on your website. However, Bluehost does not offer any backup service; you will have to take care of that yourself.

There are many other reliable and cost-effective web hosts like Site5, HostGator, etc., if you don’t want to go with Bluehost.

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