How to block your Facebook profile from people you don’t know?

Facebook continues to renew itself and include new functions and tools for the benefit of its millions of users worldwide. The most recent is called ‘Lock your profile’ or ‘Block your profile’, which protects your personal information, publications, and photos you have shared through the social network.

That is, all the posts that you have ever shared on Facebook cannot be viewed by unknown people or who are not on your friend’s list. In addition, ‘Block your profile’ is very easy to use, and here we explain how.

‘Lock your profile’ is the new Facebook feature.

It has also been revealed that ‘Lock your profile’ prevents unknown users from downloading your main and cover photo from Facebook and does not allow them access to your publications; these will be exclusively for those who are your friends.

How to block your Facebook profile?

Once the new social network tool is available in Mexico, activating it will be very simple. You will only have to:

1. Enter the Facebook app from your phone.

2. Click on the icon with the three horizontal lines.

3. Access ‘Settings and privacy.

4. Scroll down and click on the option ‘Public and privacy’.

5. Here, the option ‘Lock your profile’ will appear; you will have to select it, activate it, and that’s it.

This step by step will deactivate the ‘Block your profile’ function. It is too intuitive, and all users will have a chance to try it. 

Meta promised to keep renewing Facebook year after year to expect more features and improvements in the social network. What other tool would you like to see activated?