The 10 Best Video Games to Play Sports at Home You Cannot Miss

Best Video Games to Play Sports: Known as exergaming or active video gaming, we have a series of the most interesting proposals to maintain our health properly. For many users, it is not possible to leave the house to exercise or they cannot find enough time to take that time to go to the gym. Something that is changing drastically just when we have the tools to exercise at home.

Of course, it is very interesting that these exercises go hand in hand with our consoles and their accessories. And while you may think your console doesn’t have as many options when it comes to active video games, it may surprise you. We show you the most interesting proposals and those that will make exercising at home more fun than ever.

Best Video Games to Play Sports

Ring Shaped Adventure (2019)

Nintendo has always been a great friend of exercise games, providing users with unique experiences that guarantee great fun. In this case, with a game that accompanies us with a hoop with which to exercise strength and even resistance and there overcome various obstacles that will be featured throughout our epic adventure.

Although, for the most interested, exercises marked by the rhythm of the music of our favorite video game soundtracks are already offered.

The best – Positives

The different exercises to advance in the story

The possibility of adapting the exercises to our needs

With his way of presenting the exercises, he encourages us to give the best of ourselves.

The worst – The bad points

Stops at the store to get equipment

Enemies may not be a big challenge

Just Dance 2023 (2023)

Original release date: November 4, 2021

How to play it today? : Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Google Stadia

Ubisoft has always succeeded in ensuring the best experiences when it comes to dancing titles. A wide range of tests with the most outstanding melodies has always managed to guarantee a good dose of pleasure. And even if it does not seem to be the case for all users, it offers all kinds of exercises that guarantee that we keep our health at the highest level.

The best – Positives

Great musical variety in the field of genres and artists

Long hours of fun and even the presence of daily challenges

The worst – The bad points

It does not offer any type of playable novelty compared to the previous edition

Limit when listening to songs from previous years

Change Sports (2023)

Original release date: April 29, 2023

How to play it today? : Light switch

In February, Nintendo confirmed the return of one of its most famous sagas. Switch Sports has come with a whole new look for the hybrid console, with various new features that include everything from new sports even more functions in online mode.

Thanks to this, Switch Sports has become a perfect game to have fun with friends, while we exercise our bodies with some of its different sports modalities.

The best – Positives

The arrival of new sports

More multiplayer options

The worst – The bad points

Some sports included in Wii Sports are missing

Beat the Saber (2018)

Original release date: May 1, 2018

How to play it today? : PC and PlayStation 4

Virtual reality has become one of the best assistants for exercising. Especially when Beat Saber kicks in since it offers us interesting rhythms to exercise unconsciously. A proposal that, although it seems simple, is undoubtedly complex to master.

The best – Positives

Outstanding game

Suitable for players new to the world of virtual reality

The worst – The bad points

The best songs may not be very varied

Fitness Boxing 2 (2020)

Original release date: December 4, 2020

How to play it today? : Light switch

The Nintendo console once again offers us the experience in which boxing and fitness find the perfect mix to give us a unique experience. All this with rhythms of current songs and a good dose of exercises that range from tables of 10 to 40 minutes. I had done it before with Fitness Boxing, originally released in 2018, to now do it again in an improved version.

The best – Positives

The proposal is most interesting.

The exercises are varied

The worst – The bad points

Music selection may not quite match

ARMS (2017)

Original release date: June 16, 2017

How to play it today? : Light switch

ARMS Analysis

Colorful frame, all kinds of fighters and of course our strong desire to fight. Overcoming obstacles and putting yourself to the test of combat is part of the proposals of this Nintendo Switch exclusive.

And although it has not been one of the most popular games for many players, the reality is that it is a good helper for those who want to exercise and do not know where to start because, between punch and punch, you have a real test of agility and even strength.

The best – Positives

The variety of fighters present in the game

Simple and straightforward, without a lot of tricks to learn how to play it

Visually it is quite surprising

The worst – The bad points

Its soundtrack is not its strong point

The simplicity of the game may not fully penetrate players

BoxVR (2017)

Original release date: June 13, 2017

How to play it today? : PC and PlayStation 4

If boxing is your thing but no type of proposition has just caught your eye, then this might be your solution. it’s an incredible virtual reality title He offers you to let yourself be carried away by an incredible experience where you put on your boxing gloves to be able to test your strength and endurance.

The best – Positives

Entertaining when our thoughts are on training

A large number of songs

The worst – The bad points

Visually not very appealing

Online mode is not a challenge

Zumba, burn it! (2019)

Original release date: November 19, 2019

How to play it today? : Light switch

In line with music, Nintendo Switch offers us an incredible experience where we mark our movements while we follow the rhythm of the music. An interesting proposal that will try to challenge us and that, without a doubt, will keep our body and mind healthy.
The best – Positives

Being able to practice Zumba wherever you want thanks to the hybrid console

A large number of courses and songs

The worst – The bad points

Motion recognition by Joy-Con is not very good

No tutorials for movements

Shaping (2014)

Original release date: November 11, 2014

How to play it today? : Xbox One

Fitness is one of the great helpers for all users, especially when you need to exercise at home. For him, harnessing the power of Kinect, Ubisoft offers us this fun experience with all kinds of revolutionary exercises and tests. A mixture of video games and all kinds of opportunities guarantees us that, if we have fun, we get our most productive part.

The best – Positives

Fun and catchy rhythm

Playing with friends makes it even more exciting

The worst – The bad points

Some training and tests don’t stand out too much

needs a lot of space

EA Sports Active (2009)

Original release date: May 19, 2009

How to play it today? : Wii

Designed with health experts, we have one of the best exercise aids in front of us. And, most importantly, a skill test that will test your mastery of the Wii controls. An amazing way to get in shape with fun workouts.
The best – Positives

Wide variety of tutorials

Amazing and fun exercises

The worst – The bad points

The comfort of having the Nunchuk cable may not be appropriate