Best Sports Games for Nintendo Switch

Are you looking the for Best Sports Games for Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo has always had a unique ability when it comes to presenting its gamers with varied products that end up catching our attention even when we may think we won’t like them.

These are my main feelings from the first time I played Wii Sports Resort until I had a chance to try it out. From then on, a gaming session that promised to last only 5 minutes ended up turning into hours and hours in front of the screen playing bowling, tennis or nonstop hitting with the chambara.

Best Sports Games for Nintendo Switch

So when Nintendo surprised us with the return of the license for Nintendo Switch, the urge to try it was instantaneous. To what can this successor to the Wii work offer? Can it be as fun as the original? It’s time to take a trip through your sports and check it out in our Nintendo Switch Sports review.

Nintendo Switch Sports review: The perfect game for an afternoon with friends and family

Getting up off the couch to play a game always seems like a challenge, except when games like Switch Sports come your way. After all, when a game of bowling encourages you to try your luck or skill, you just can’t resist. And that’s what encourages you to play the game opening up to a nice screen where he tells you that while he’s going to go for the calm tone, the challenge has begun.

The proposal is simple and that is that whether you are one of the players who just arrived with Switch Sports, or you come from behind with Wii Sports, the game invites you to discover a compilation of sporting events, some already known and some new integrations with motion capture thanks to joy-con controls. In this way, by encouraging us to play a few quick games, it becomes a perfectly suitable game even for those who do not play every day or who really do not know much about video games.

The games are not limited to being enjoyed in quick matches but are simple for even the most novice players.

However, what is interesting in this proposal is that it does not want to limit itself to giving us some of the already well-known classics such as tennis, bowling or chambara. This title encourages us to try three new games badminton, volleyball and soccer. Proposals that, in turn, open up new opportunities to test our skill with the game and even new series of spades with friends.

Reinventing the sports classic

Adapting to the sports beat of Nintendo Switch Sports is really simple. We have games that do not require any type of tutorial, where as soon as you see the game you can already get used to the idea that you won’t have to press any buttons, but just have to be attentive to the game. screen for shaking the joystick at the right time.

In cases where the tutorial is needed, even its learning process is easy. It only takes a quick game to know how it works, so it certainly becomes the perfect option for an afternoon with friends and family. After all, it is the great strength of this game, the spade between friends which is guaranteed and where it is not necessary to be an ace to win the game.

It’s time to challenge our friends in games of two or four

Either play two or seize the opportunity to play in groups of four, the game offers various options to make a session last for hours. So every hour it reminds you that maybe it’s the best time to take a break between games. All this is accompanied by the occasional warning on the screen to keep distance from the television or even between the people who are in the room.

When a sport works, why not bring it back?

One of the most important points of this game, or the one that excited those who enjoyed Wii Sports in its time, is the return of the classics. Tennis is still one of those sports which, as soon as you try it, you can’t help but want to play game after game. Even better when you know that you can play with four friends so that the fun is always there and the competition is open.

On the other hand, we have the reunion with bowling, one of those games that hurt more than one of us in its time and now return with the intention of repeating the formula. This title is ideal for having fun alone and, in general, for challenging friends. Who can get the highest score? Who can beat the rest? Now is the time to put it to the test.

Classic games are still a real wonder in this new version

Finally, the rediscovery of the classics goes hand in hand with the fight at the chambaras. This, personally, has always been one of my favorite games and repeat the scene with Switch Sports. Challenging my enemies by hitting faster or with the best strategy is, without a doubt, fascinating. Of course, a limited two-player event where the fastest and most skilled will always have the upper hand.

Nintendo Switch Sports

Give an extra point to what is already known

Knowing that the charm of the classics is still present in this successor to the Wii is, without a doubt, appreciated. But it’s even better to know that these receive their respective improvements for the next generation. If the absence of a sensor bar as in the case of the Wii could suggest that the games will lose precision, the reality is far from it.

Tennis is always fun in general, where you can play alone or gather four friends to play a game in teams of two players. This does not present any difficulty since it only asks us to move the control at the right time and turn the wrist in the right direction to give effect to the blow. The opportunity to show our know-how and above all to surprise our friends with our responsiveness.

In classic games, we not only have what we already know but also new ways to test our skills

However, the big surprise comes from the bowling alley where, although its normal mode is magnificent, the real challenge is found with the special mode, an addition that gives that spark to the game. With the obstacles present on the track, it’s time to show that we can overcome any challenge and that no obstacle can beat us. And it’s an ideal mode for practicing turning your wrist or positioning your character to avoid obstacles.

In the case of chambara, combat for two players is always a challenge, although this time a bit more. Although many of us know it as a frenetic game in which you strike nonstop, this time the strategy is well appreciated. Much more if instead of opting for the normal sword mode you choose to change. Do you think you can master the double saber technique? It’s time to try it.

Learn about new sports

Although Switch Sports games are currently scarce, there is no shortage of news. We’re not just talking about new game modes in already classic sports, but about these new integrations in the sport. Here we enter striking proposals such as badminton, volleyball and the unexpected star with football.

Badminton may seem like a sport that doesn’t need to be present Being tennis, the reality is different and it has its own essence. The fact that it’s one-on-one with its own charm makes it a much more dynamic game. In fact, this game cheats because even though you think the movement of your wrist matters, what really matters is when you strike. Hitting the rhythm of the game will be the main thing to win and, without a doubt, this is the most appreciated approach to enjoy this game.

Each of the games present is a nice surprise, even to debate which is the new favorite

From there we find volleyball, a game that has become essential. With a mixture of buttons, wrist play and, above all, reaction speed, this can become one of Nintendo Switch Sports’ biggest challenges. This, yes, is not recommended to play on a small screen because, if you are going to play with friends, the division into four can be chaotic, to the point of not knowing when to hit or when the ball actually arrives at your position.

Finally, among the most striking integrations, is football. This surprises me for its playability in the pure Rocket League style as well as for the need to use both joy-cons in order to play. At least that’s what it offers if you play in normal mode since if you take advantage of the Switch Sports band, the same that is included with the Ring Fit Adventure, you will be able to test your skills as a footballer in the duel. And yes, we warn you that the kicks require some space, especially if you end up encouraging yourself a little to bring out your most competitive side.

Character customization and newly defined style

The use of the Mii is one of the trends we all thought about at first, especially when it comes to wanting to film out of nostalgia, however, Switch Sports has many more surprises in store than one might expect. wait. The new avatars are wonderful, with much more striking expressions in which they react to the way we play. Hit, mishit or even lose a game will always be reflected in our character this little detail brings us closer to the game.

The Character Editor can remind Miis a bit about where to put their eye, skin, or even hair color. However, we must know that this is where the online concept comes in where the more we play, the more we will unlock cosmetic elements for our character, whether in terms of the presentation of his physique, his character or even being able to customize other elements such as equipment. So that when we enter the play space, they know we are there.

The customization of our character is a really satisfying point

However, when it comes to seeing the set of characters as well as the scenarios, one can see that the game is simple yet complete at the same time. Does not require lots of details to make you feel special the point is that we pay attention to these small details with the applause of the characters or the brightness that is reflected on the ground at the right time.

Is it worth playing Nintendo Switch Sports?

It’s time for the final verdict with Nintendo Switch Sports weighing its positives and negatives. One of the best things about this game is that these six sports chosen to compete against each other at the start are extremely fun and, best of all, accessible to all types of players.

However, you feel some sports are missing, especially when playing solo. However, this does not mean that there are hours and hours of fun guaranteed as well as constant encouragement to play with our friends and enjoy the good atmosphere it creates.

Nintendo Switch Sports This is a highly recommended title. for Nintendo Switch, especially if you want to enjoy good hours of play. The quality is indisputable and the company has taken care of even the smallest details.

For this reason, whether it’s participating in the contest or collaborating with our friends, this is a game that we will undoubtedly enjoy, especially when the online mode kicks in.